EA Gets Massive In Game Advertising

EA is starting to tap the potentially lucrative in game advertising market on both the PC and the Xbox 360 platforms.

March 18, 2008 – Earlier this morning mega game publisher Electronic Arts and multimedia advertising company Massive Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Microsoft, announced an expansion and 2 year extension to feature dynamic in-game advertising in future EA games. The companies aim to target the 18-34 year old male demographic on the Xbox 360 and PC gaming platforms.

Massive Inc. is reportedly the definitive in-game advertising company and will Help EA advertise in a wide range of games, everything from EA sports: Madden NFL, NBA Live, Nascar acing, and NHL Hockey, to racing titles: Need for Speed, and Burnout Paradise.

By extending the joint venture for a definite two year time period, the advertising endeavor is said to be holistic and based on a calendar year much like TV, online and print mediums.

Kathy Vrabeck, president of the Casual Entertainment Label at EA, said of the joint operation, “EA strongly believes that dynamic in-game advertising is an important growth area for our business…We selected Massive because they are the industry leader in this space with a global sales footprint, solid brand recognition and in-depth experience in video game advertising.”

Article courtesy of IGN

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