My next console purchase?


So THAT’s what all those cancelled 80gb playstation 3’s were turned into. I shouldnt be tempted but:

– It has backward compatibility (limited it may be)
– MGS 4, baby
– Disgaea 3 in English!
– Final Fantasy 13!

Damn you, Sony.

Author: Kiven
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2 thoughts on “My next console purchase?

  1. So you’ve finally seen the light. ;) I find your reluctance ironic, considering that you’re a huge fan of JRPGs but you prefer the 360.

  2. if i had money i would have bought it a long time ago. as i have told ya before, its the games and microsoft’s better online implementation that led me to the 360 =)

    besides, i still have my ps2 with all the great ps RPGs. wala pang ganun na portfolio sa ps3. sorry! =)

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