Crysis Reviews


Crysis Reviews

Update: Added more reviews
Update 2: Crikey, 1UP gave Crysis an 8.0
Update: Holy @#$%! IGN gives Crysis a 94%

IGN gives Crysis an outstanding 9.4 and writes: Overall, Crysis is definitely another win for Crytek and another one of those games that’s more than the sum of its parts. They’ve created some amazing technology that’s scalable enough that many gamers will be able to play it on some setting, even if it isn’t the best, and have a good amount of fun. Those that have computers to run the game at DX9 on high will find that the amazing visuals definitely enhance the amount of immersion and enjoyment Crysis can provide. This is some fast, well designed gameplay with enough options to allow players to use their own style of attack with satisfying suit abilities and weapons. Crytek has upped their attention to detail in presentation and dropped the worst parts of Far Cry’s story. The multiplayer, while probably not enough to draw players away from their favorites, is also worth the time. While the Halo 2 type of ending for the single player left a bad taste in my mouth, it wasn’t enough to deter me from heartily recommending action fans pick this one up.

1Up, however, didnt bite at the Crytek Apple saying: “Fast forward through scraps of miserable story and melodramatic dialogue, along with a “boss battle” inherited from the coin-op class of ’88 (see: Contra), and the ordeal is done — beautiful throughout, mostly amazing, but vegetative by the end.”

Gametap goes gaga over Crysis giving it a 100% and says: “When you get past the stealth-themed missions early on, and move onto missions with full use of tanks, helicopters, rockets, and airstrikes, the tactical gameplay plus the production values turn Crysis into a love letter for military combat.”

Gamespot was gushing with praise giving it a 9.5: “Crysis is visually stunning, packed with intelligent, thrilling gameplay, and easily one of the greatest shooters ever made. “

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