NBA Live 2008 Xbox 360 Demo impressions


A couple of non basketball playing xboxers have been voicing out how good Live 08 looks compared to NBA 2k7. Question is, didn’t they say that the last 3-5 years? Look what happened. Its the gameplay, n00bs. And if you’ve been reading up on things, 2k8 looks better than 2k7.

Yes, EA Sports fans, The NBA 2008 Xbox 360 Demo is now available for download over Xbox Live and it’s only 562MB. So how does this year’s iteration play? If my time with the demo is any indication, it looks like EA Sports made quite a bit of improvement this year compared to last year’s horrible outing. Here are some of them:

  • Constantly running on 60 FPS, making the game buttery smooth
  • Revamped shooting mechanics, no more superstyle feature
  • Better post action
  • It’s also a bit slower, tempo wise although that went out of the window when i played Spain versus france in the Fiba part of the Demo, with garbajosa and Caldron just running up and down the floor
  • The animations don’t look as fluid as NBA 2k’s, with some jittery motion and quirky shot animations
  • As some Xbox forum members noticed, it looks like an much upgraded version of NBA 2k6 which isnt bad in itself.

So will it be better than 2k8? Well, we just have to wait till both games come out but i have a hunch that while EA has made strides this year, 2k comes away again with a win.

Author: Kiven
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3 thoughts on “NBA Live 2008 Xbox 360 Demo impressions

  1. Good to hear EA is making some improvements. Live 2007 was below standards but I’m such an addict I still play. Never had a chance to try the 2K’s, though. *Cough* Pahiram Xbox *Cough*

  2. I got the pc version of the game and I’d say it definitely needs a patch… and some major work.

    Nice touch on the graphics, though.

    Anyways, back to NFS ProStreet…. eheheh

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