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Granado Espada is the new 3D MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role-playing game) from the creators of Ragnarok Online. It will be the first English version of the game and will cater to the following countries: Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, New Zealand and Brunei.

And yes, Granado Espada is coming to the Philippines courtesy of E-Games but curiously check these domain whois info:

Organization Level Up Inc.

Organization IPVG Corp IP-Egame


Game! Magazine Philippines will have an indepth look at Granado Espada once we get access to the Beta.

So, The first question is will Granado Espada come to the Philippines? I sure hope so. I mean, aside from the wayyyyy too feminine male characters, theres nothing much i can say against the game. Except that it looks like a cross between GuildWars and FFXII. and that how will the “family” system control and manage…oh and will it be a fee based service or free to play like pangya, ran online, and other local mmos (ok, so i do have a couple of questions…)

Want to be part of the South East Asian Beta test of Granado Espada? Head over to for more info.

Granada Espada Character Class Information:

Steadfast and strong, the fighter is the one who will rise to the occasion no matter what dangers they may face.

Fighters are the melee class of Granado Espada. They have the most amount of stances, and can equip the most weapons even shields. They also wear the best armor and have the highest amount of HP, making them highly suitable for close range combat.

Armed with knowledge of the dark arts, the wizard seems calm and collected but a fiery passion burns within

The wizard’s fundamental powers come from their knowledge of sorcery and magic. Although they may not be the strongest in terms of attack, they possess skills that can cripple the opponent and are also able to take on aerial targets

Beneath the facade of weakness lies the most resolute of spirits. Warlocks hold a power that is unsurpassed by the others

Warlocks have control over the elements of lightning, fire and
ice, and are capable of using all three elements in synergy
with each other. They are capable of dealing great damage to multiple targets, making them the strongest and yet the most elegant of all classes.

The most trustworthy companion, the scout’s resourcefulness is often what makes the difference when it matters most.

Scouts are the healing class of Granado Espada. They also have the ability to buff and resurrect. Although they are not capable of direct combat, scouts are also able to assist the combat classes by setting traps to slow the opponent down.


– no info at this time –

PC System Requirements

Minimum System:
CPU Pentium III 1GHz
OS WindowsXP, Windows2000
VGA GeForce2 MX400 64MB

DirectX DirectX 9.0C

Optimal System:
CPU Pentium4 2GHz
OS WindowsXP
VGA GeForce FX 4Ti / Radeon9000
DirectX DirectX 9.0C

Author: Kiven
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83 thoughts on “Granado Espada Philippines

  1. Courtesy of e-games, huh?

    then there’s a good chance that it would be free 2 play too, that is, if it will really be catered by e-games…

    although… i don’t know if it really would be F2P, i mean, It’s just too good to be true…Wouldn’t you agree?

  2. Don’t rely too much with domain names ending in (.TLD).ph when it comes to local online games. ;)

    I can register lots of (.TLD).ph domains of unknown to highly-popular MMO and Casual games if I want to (and if I have money).

    As for who got the license for Granado Espada for the Philippines… if your source came from e-Games/IPVG, Level-Up/netGames, or IAH, or some Malaysian gaming magazine, don’t trust them. The gaming industry here in South-East Asia is full of unfounded “claims”, prime example are the companies claiming they will surely get World of Warcraft for South-East Asia if not for the Philippines. Almost every online gaming company said that, from Malaysia, to Singapore, to the Philippines. So don’t trust anyone.

    As far as I know, Granada Espada will not be localized. The license IAH is giving away is for Marketing, Prepaid Card and Installer distribution. Maybe that also includes Customer Support for the South-East Asian customers.

    BUT, if you ask me, IP Converge should get the license for handling the servers, not PLDT’s LU-Vitro.

    Still the question here is, who got the license, whatever license it may be? I’m 87% sure IP e-Games got it. The other remaining possibility? Either Level-Up, ABS-CBNi, or no one. NetPlay and Mobius? They’re not interested last time the news went my way :p

    Kiven says:
    RE Granado Espada: Check out GAME! MAGAZINE JANUARY-FEB 2007 ISSUE for the Granado Espada Ad we’re running and a chance to win a XBOX 360 at the Philippine Online Gaming Summit on January 13, 2006, Saturday at the Philippine Trade Training Center.

  3. At these time I think it’s really E-games that’s gonna take hold of the distribution rights.

    But the servers are based on Singapore >..

  4. i hope that this game will not be too much expensive…
    like ran onlines avatar shop…

    coz in ran online i spend 100php a day…

    i hope that granado espada will be cheaper than ran online.. thnx ran,kalayaan,deathgods,ichigo`san

  5. Mike Abundo

    I hear the servers are already at Vitro.
    the server are not placed in vitro, i mean there are no such server deployed yet here in phil. maybe by the end of april.lets all hope to that. . CIAO!


    Kiven says: straight from the horse’s mouth?

  6. some rumors sayz it’ll be P2P @1500php for 10months / 150php per month (not yet confirmed)

    anyway CB is still on it’s track, hell this game’s great hahahahahaha! it pawns perfect world, it wouldn’t win korea’s best graphics award last year if it wasn’t good LOL hahaha

  7. i played it when it was beta in korea with some americans and koreans. played it for about two weeks. its good if youre not playing world of warcraft or any game equivalent or better than world of warcraft (ie EQ2). This game isnt worth your time imo; typical korean levelling grind

  8. They said its gonna be released this march.. Cool game saw this on TV a couple of nights ago. Yeah I do hope thats it’s F2P like Supreme Destiny or RAN Online, but hey even if it’s P2P I’d play tha darn thing.. The Graphicsand it’s new game system should make it interesting and fun.. This is so cool to pass up..
    (at 1500 bucks a months thou,even if it’s not confirmed not sure there would be much players around.)

  9. Yeah, Php150/month? Are you kidding? That’s a hell cheaper than RF Online which is Php100/5 days.

    Im looking forward to this game.. Their XAI (Xtreme AI) System makes me shiver and i cant wait to play that nice game.

  10. well, i saw the game already.. my Bf plays it. and i like the game. except for the lag. aw. its cool… playing 3 characters in a same time, thats different. but the scout for the female verson is hmmmmm…. (very dark, for me she is very brown for me) hahaha.. so when will it be release? where can i register? thanks SMILE

  11. last day of feb is today, I saw from FHM that OB will be on march, so yeah, let’s just wait a bit, and I’ll enjoy my CB account while doing so, haha if u guys play Dota, you won’t have much problems in controlling 3 characters, coz u’ll be needing the whole keyboard, and yeah, I mean the whole keyboard, from a-z, 1-3, f1-f8 …

  12. many people says it will be release on month of march. and they also says that it will be manage by e-games. but it is not yet there.

  13. this is a great game …….but icant register wakokokkookkoo…………..

    no registration yet?… already waiting a long long time> T_T

  14. thats IP-Interactive, not IPVG. my bad. please give more CB client cds IP-Interactive. please!


    Those looking to signup for the CBT and the OBT
    The CBT has been going on for quite some time now so i suggest you hightail it over there asap since the CBT is only until Mar 19 2007.

    YES, THE GAME IN SG IS THE SAME VERSION FOR THE PHILIPPINES. So use that siote since IP Interactive links to them anyway

    As for CDS, its still in CBT so it will definitely be limited. I expect the CDS to pop up more once the OBT begins which according to an interview we had with GE Community Manager Hrin (sounds official dont cha tink? =) ) would be around MAY.

    check out the interview at

  16. when will they release this game in philippines??? plsss Email me….. (cant wait to play this game)

  17. hi gm can u plz help me to register in ur game granado espada plz send to my email ty. goodluck and more power to all of you….

  18. If ever that there would be a philippine only GE i wont Bother playing it…

    boring kasi na laruin na puro pinoy lng ang kasama mo sa laru mas maganda pag medyo global ang dating like havine malaysia and singapore and philippines share the same server.. mas diverse ang communication at laru pag ganyan

  19. since march 19 na bukas, i doubt if ip interactive is gonna give out accounts pa.

    my suggestion is: SIUGN UP FOR THE PRE BETA OBT at

  20. w8 since it wud be produce by e-games,does that means we can use our e-games acc.?
    and kelan kaya fixed date na ilo-launch sa pinas???

    Kiven says: Granado Espada is handled/distributed by IP Interactive, Not E-games. sister company po sila. wala pa po fixed date. kindly refer to for the actual release date as pre OBt registratuion is now going on.

  21. if you don’t what to wait the release of GE version 2.0 in phillipines you can try japan version or korean just search it at yahoo ^_^. and i also suggest that you download the 1.8 version its 2.7gig and when the OBT is open you only need the patch its 1gig to update to 2.0 ^_^. gudluck ^_^.

  22. where could i get the installer of this game … is there any agents from Luzon(pangasinan) i could in-touch to have it?

  23. I just want to ask, what does GE Pre-OBT mean? and i registered sa may IAHGames Passport. . can i use this as an account in-game? if not how po? thanks

  24. aww.. ang hrap nmn ni2.. saang website p0h bh pdeng mka download ng installer ng GE?
    kxe ang mga nki2ta q lng eh ung mga clients pra sa POBT, eh dba patch lng un?

    nkapag register n aq, ang kzo, wla aq nung mismong game.. wla aqng mahanap.. help nmn p0h..

  25. elow… kelan po b yang GE n yan??? adik n adik na aq ee… kasi sa RAN magastos…sana sa GE d gaano. hihi..

  26. The GE international will be released this coming May 17, 2007. try n’yo!!! sobrang ganda ang game na to’!!!! Lv 1 ka pa lng dami na MOB…. ^_^

  27. Hi, i got the GE closed beta kit, but now its open beta once i start the game i get alot of errors. How do i fix this? can i just download some patch or something to turn my Closed beta GE to … er…. the Open beta client?? PLease help

  28. hey people. do we have any specific date when it will be launch here in the phillipines?

    im kind a excited on this game.. its a lot more cheaper than RO and RF and its from the creator of ragnarok.. geeeeeeeee this must be good./gg

  29. ang sarap laruin n2 astig e2.. na laro ko na ang beta ni2 ang ganda … aztig talaga … hahaha … kaya laro din kayo parang DOTA lang … kaso tatlo player gagalawin mo ..pero dale lang kung noob mahirap sympre T_T heheeh… pero ung mga talagang REAL GAMERS….. kaya 2 … kaya download na guys ..hope u LIKE IT 2 …cge bye bye bye … add sa frendster nman …. piliin ninyo musketer,,,, mage … saka knight pwede na yan….

  30. GM’s can u tell me how to be GM or not?
    and can help me to be GM?plsplsplspls
    then send to my email…….pls GM…..

  31. e games sus puro rosary nnmn ang paiikoting pera nyan levelup nman puro load amp mag international n lng wala pang problema free to play nmn sila kht pagtapos ng beat at wala nmn daw n mangyayaring character wipe out.
    mga pinoy talaga nakakahiya sana nd n lng ako naging pinoy

  32. well, i hope that this game is the one im looking for,…kc s dmi ng games ngayon dito sa pilipinas eh halos lhat ang panget,..wla ung essence nung 2nay na RPG

  33. free to play n pob ge?kasi gusto ko try to
    sabi kc nilamganda raw
    reply po dian anyone?????????????????????//////////

  34. pede ko ba malipat ang character ko sa garanado beta sa phil granado kung meron na?

  35. i hope granado espada is free 2 play….plzzzzzzzzz…
    i wish ala xna load pwa mkapaglaro me na mtagal…gwabe gnda nitong granado espada XOBRAAAAAA!!!!!!!!! kea xna wlang LOAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Can You Pass The DownLoad Sight Of The Granado Espada Online In My Account on my YahooMail I am 1 of The Player Of The Server And I Want To Install In Other Copumter Shop Thank You More PowerFul…..


  37. how can i download granado espada? can anyone tell me what is the exactly website where i can download GE? pls reply immediaely tY! po sa magrereplay! tnx

  38. sana naman me local ftp server na pagdownloadan ng client para umabot 100kb ps pataas ung download para 30 minutes every 700mb lolz… ang tagal idownload pag overseas ung source eh 3-4 hrs XD

  39. ako din. gusto ko malaman kung magkakaroon p b ng garando phils. kc masasayang paggawa ko ng karakter d2 sa beta n granado eh…………………… pls lang po sabihin nyu n kagad kung di na magkkakaron . pagpaptuloy ko n karakter ko d2… kc baka kung kelan high lvl na ako saka magkaron. sayang…………………

  40. how i wish it will not take too long 2 have GE phil ive waited so much 4 this online games to have here officially in the philippines so im hoping this august GE phil can download officially here.thanks

    God Bless^o^

  41. yo!!!! how can i download this game? la naman ako mahanapan na client na pwedeng pag-download-an nito… sayang gusto ko pa man din i download… maganda ung graphics, maganda din ang pa level up nito(masmabilis magpalevel-up kaysa sa iba)… sana meron na ung download site ng GE phils.

  42. yoe mga brad pano ba i download yan ng mas blis? kc ang bgal sakin mag download e kakainip

  43. plz // need actiobn regard ge in phils im playing open beta /hiigh lvl na der// pero na an me ka pasok due to new version // tslit saan //sana may ph ge // ask kailn ?? wat site / legaly confirmed na ba??

  44. mga pre meron ba kyong alam na store d2 sa metro manila ngbe2nta used or brand new ps2 games ung original?

  45. sayng naman ang GE meron ng load ngaun ……. kung ung dati nalng sna walng load sarap mag adik… eh ngaun may load na kumokonti ang mga players wahehehe….. sana pang philippines nalng wala na international para free to play talaga!!…. kakabadtrip eh may load sayng !!..huhuh.. eh ngaun tigil na ako kac may load na … sana maging ph nalng to para alang load ehhe ..bye ybe..

  46. i wish that santa will give me an level 100 weapon/armor too pls santa grant my wish pls thnks a lot merry xmas we love u all…..

  47. first off, free-to-play games in the philippines suck, mostly due to jologs running aorund the games and ruining the gameplay. i’d like it better if all games require a certain number of points/load/money to play, just to prevent poor jologs from playing the otherwise nice games.

  48. if you play granado espada on international server it was more worthy cause you will have a friend not only in your country but in the whole world.
    The graphics of granado espada is so amazing…so the memory needed here is 4.46gb(exact)…i was download this for about 2days….
    The game is free but the premium item is so expensive at all…..if you compare it to the ran phil you will notice the differences the character in ge was 3 at same time while the ran is only 1…the monster in ran phil is so powerful than your character so the character(any job) is so weak at all… and the quest is so cool…even the npc you see in the place (city, dungeon) you can get them by quest only….you will recieve a character card from them as a reward……
    some quest need premium item to get goin on……if you reach lvl 100 you can be a veteran… if you reach a veteran class new lvling system will come new stance aquire….
    what is stance?
    stance is a set of skill…it has option to….some sance has a 5 skill and other only 3….the skill point is 45….the max lvl of every stance is 25…the skill point have a 1 stnce is 45 point…the character with most stance is fighter…while the scout has no veteran stance…all the major class, only the scout has no veteran stance at all…
    and the gm here was joining the normal player….oppose to other game….that all

    FAMILY : thesorcerer
    FACTION : Red faction(non pk server)
    SERVER : pachelbel

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