VS Enemy of My Enemy Get!

As some would say: “It’s better to be lucky than good”. I just bought an VS X Men Starter and 3 X Men boosters for the VS System as my (re)introduction into the CCG hobby. The saleslady at Robinsons Manila gave me 5 boosters, i chose the middle 3. Why? No idea. But all the while i was hoping to get a rare card or some valuable card to add to my newbie deck.

So, i got home and opened up my first pack while browsing through TCGPlayers Price Guide. First pack Rare? Mysterium Foil. Ok, not much value there. My third pack revealed ea Jean Grey, Red priced at around $5 which is pretty nice, valuable card plus a recognizable character. But my second pack provided the jackpot: My very own Enemy of my Enemy.60 freakin dollars? OMG I think i stopped to stare at the card for like 3 seconds just to make sure i wasnt dreaming…

Author: Kiven
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1 thought on “VS Enemy of My Enemy Get!

  1. Hey do you know where I can buy worlds finest booster packs in the Philippines? Also, do you know people here my bro and I can play versus with. Or even tournaments. :) thanks!

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