Its here!
First Impressions:
Definitely more fun to play. More animations. More Moves. More Superstar flavor.

Mejo di na pede ung steal lang ng steal at talagang tinatawagan ng ref.Mas mahirap na din mag block. Me inertia na din so pag tumatakbo ka forward e di ka bigla makakaliko.Astig mga alleyoop at no look passes.

Author: Kiven
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6 thoughts on “NBA LIVE 2006 PC

  1. I’m trying to track down Tata from PSHS. Kilala mo siya, diba? Tried sneaking in sa pisay96, but I got rejected. ^_^ Honestly, I’ve been looking for her for years. We’re old friends, and I’m hoping you could help me. Please send me an e-mail at asfrom[spam]25@yahooDOTcom. Just remove the [spam] and replace the DOT. Thanks.

  2. lol of course nireject kita.

    send me an email kivendood at ill pass it on to her then she can contact you na lang.

    just put in some info so she can recognize you.

  3. Yes, the animations and player moves are way cool. But the gameplay has suffered a bit imho. Parang dumali yung superstar level (can pound the spurs with using phoenix w/o amare) or is it because umaabot ako ng 3am kakalaro? You also tend to abuse the superstar abilities – try activating nash’s 3-pt shooting. But what the heck, right? NBA Live is NBA Live.

  4. hehehe try playing me na seryosohan.hehe mejo matagal na tayong di nakakaon on one baka mas magaling na sayo sherwin sa ps2 ehehe

    mejo itweak mo settings to minimize abuse of the alleyoop.make it harder for you to score =)

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