John Paul II and Wrestlemania 21

Kakapanood ko Wrestlemania 21 plus Hall of Fame Ceremony.Take that NBA_Addict!

PANALO SI BAUTISTA.Panalo si BATISTA pala Pinoy na na Champion woohoo! Sasabihin ko sana na nanalo den si John Cena pero spoiler na eh hehehe…..

Ke pareng John Paul II, Bon Voyage on your next great journey.

Author: Kiven
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4 thoughts on “John Paul II and Wrestlemania 21

  1. ooppps! I suddenly miss watching wrestling!

    I admire RKO than Batista! Probably because he’s man enough to quit from Evolution immediately! hehe…

  2. id agree with u if those moves were his personal choice rather than a development plot by writers =)

    and btw rko burned out quickly according to lots of wrestling insiders.

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