Need For Speed: Carbon


Need for Speed Carbon is a lot like NFS Underground but with new features such as crew members, auto event joining via the world map, a deeper (and dare i say more complex) ride customization. Graphically it seems to be on par with NFS Underground except with damage modeling and some new bells and whistles.

Think of it as an expanded NFSU and youre probably right. One thing i miss about NFSU is the catchy main theme aka “Riders on the Storm”. Ive poured hours into NFS Carbon but still i havent even hummed a track yet.

Gangs have carved up the city into their own territories and its up to you to grab those for your gang. Along the way, you’ll encounter challenges to your turf from other gangs, new members to recruit for your crew and the usual array of car parts and accessories. Story seems ok as the driving itself is still enjoyable with no noticable loading of background areas. The game seems huge at 5GB though almost equaling Neverwinter Nights 2. Cinematics are in the same style as previous NFS with real life actors getting some digital effects. Pretty good all in all.

7 thoughts on “Need For Speed: Carbon

  1. If you are used to Initial D. then this won’t be your drifting game.

    I just played this game for it’s autosculp feature…which uhmmm useless. few frames to use and it doesn’t even matches the cars.

    About tweaking performances. I like NFS: Underground better than Carbon.

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