Ritz Azul is FHM Philippines November 2012 Cover Girl

The November 2012 cover girl of FHM Philippines is no other than TV5 primetime princess Ritz Azul, who is wearing a body hugging leotard while sitting on top of a luxury car.

Ritz Azul’s FHM November 2012 cover will be unveiled at the FHM Halloween Party later today at Palladium, New World Hotel. as per FHM: “One thing we’re really stoked about is seeing TV5 actress Ritz Azul, who will be unveiling a blown-up version of her November 2012 cover during the Halloween Ball! And guess who will introduce Ritz to FHM Nation? None other than her equally sexy predecessor, October cover girl Yam Concepcion! ”

We managed to get pictures of Ritz Azul at the FHM Halloween Party last night at Palladium Bar! Check out some of the photos we took of the 2012 FHM Halloween Party:

This issue is going to be HOT!

Author: Kiven
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