Sheila Quiatchon

Check out our interview with Ms. Sheila Quiatchon, a pretty up and coming Filipina model, after stumbling on her pictures on the web. Yes, we kinda stumbled onto her hot awesome pics by accident. Ain’t Life grand? =)

Sheila Quiatchon Pics

More pics after the interview!

Sheila Quiatchon Interview
Kiven: Thank you for granting us this interview, Please introduce yourself to our regular readers…
Sheila Quaitchon: I’m Sheila Quiatchon and I am currently a freelance model. I’m currently working for various modeling events including photoshoots :-)

Kiven: Your pictures really caught our attention, We assumed you do professional modeling…
Sheila: Yeah, right now I’m really focused on my modeling career. It has been my dream to be in this industry so I’m really working hard in order to succeed.

Kiven: Some quick questions, what’s your favorite food? (Slumbook Mode!)
Shiela: “..hhmm I really love Filipino foods especially Adobo..”

Kiven: “Favorite Movie Genre?”
Sheila: “I’m really into suspense and action movies..”

Kiven: “Do you play Games? What is your Favorite Game?”
Sheila: “I dont play much but i think i like DOTA! =)”

Kiven: “Best place to go over a long weekend?”
Shiela: “I usually go out of town to relax. I love going to Quezon province. The local community in Quezon makes me feel good as they’re really very nice and hospitable.”

Kiven: “Favorite song/genre?”
Sheila: “I love Keri Hilson songs..”

Kiven: “Any chance we will see you posing for FHM, Maxim or maybe Playboy Philippines? *smile””
Sheila: “I don’t really know what the future holds but if the opportunity comes and I am ready, Why not? :-)”

Kiven: “Any parting message to your fans and our readers?”
Sheila:”I wanna thank everyone who has supported me especially my friends for always being there. I also want to thank Jay Gapusan and Rog for my last photoshoot. Thanks to Kiven for featuring me on his blog. :-)”

Kiven: “On behalf of my readers and myself, THANK YOU for your time, Ms. Shiela. We wish you even greater success in your modeling career. We hope to feature you again soon!”

All images used with Model’s permission.

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