jhane santiaguel mocha girls

Jhane Santiaguel – Mocha Girls

Jhane Santiaguel is our favorite of the Mocha Girls, an all female filipino band. We think you agree she has that pretty face plus a rockstar attitude that makes us crazy about her. The Mocha girls are as famous for their sing and dance routines as for their vocal support of contraception and other controversial issues.

jhane santiaguel mocha girls

Jhane Santiaguel Mocha Girls Pics

Check out Jhane’s official Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/mochagirljhane

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3 thoughts on “Jhane Santiaguel – Mocha Girls

  1. so sad Jhane is not anymore with Mocha Girls. Hope that she will be launched as a solo rock sexy singer!! IDOL!!!

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