Daiana Menezes Maxim Philippines June 2009

Brazilian model Daiana Menesez on the cover of Maxim Philippines June 2009


More Diana Menesez pics once available.

Daiana Meneses is a special breed of woman—a drop dead gorgeous celebrity who makes a living cracking you up on a daily basis. As a regular sexy-comic attraction on Eat Bulaga and Bitoy’s Funniest Home Videos and as one of the sweethearts in the teen drama Lipgloss, Daiana is officially Brazil’s greatest contribution to the Philippines.

Not to forget, there are the girls of MAXIM, Turkish sensation Natalin, Canada’s answer to Barbie Megan Lynn, the voluptuous Jackie Inoferio and registered nurse Christine Marquez.

Image and text description courtesy of Maxim Philippines

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  1. I ran out of words and can no longer think of adjectives to describe her. Ok, “She’s a Godess.” Indeed pure beauty and sexiness combined.

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