Shoko Nakagawa – Add her as a friend!

Popular Japanese idol Shoko Nakagawa is a singer, a model, TV personality, co-host of kiddy morning show Pokémon Sunday and is now a proud Xbox 360 owner. Which means she has her own gamertag. Imagine the friend requests!


Earlier this week, she posted on her blog that she has purchased an Xbox 360 and a couple games (Street Fighter IV, Resident Evil 5, Tales of Vesperia and Star Ocean 4). She then posted her Avatar as well as her LIVE name, shokommts.

Later, She blogged:

It looks as like I’m a LIVE free Silver member (???) Let’s duke it out online (???)(???)???? Im getting like so many friend requests (???;)(;???)

via Xbox 360: Everyone Wants To Be Xbox LIVE Friends With Shoko Nakagawa.

Author: Kiven
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