Arra Castro

Arra Castro is back on the pages of FHM digital as their December 2008 FHM Online Babe. Take one look at these pics of Arra and you will definitely agree that she’s smokin’ hot!


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It’s that time of the year again when the weather is cold, the food is plenty and the flurry of lights means there are presents that need unwrapping.

That’s why we scoured the hottest honey we could find, put her in a steamy package, bowed up and all, just for your sheer delight. It’s a side of Arra Castro we’ve never seen before.
Gentlemen, feast your eyes on our Girl Next Door gem here as she begins to disrobe…

What would be the best gift to get this holiday?
I think right now, ang gift na talagang maa-apreciate ko, hindi material stuff. Siguro it’s spending time with someone I like tapos we’ll go somewhere na kami lang dalawa, we’ll kiss, hug and enjoy the moment. May pagka-romantic kasi ako eh.

And what would you give back in return?
Let’s put it this way. I’m willing to give him any gift na makakapagpasaya sa kanya. Ha ha ha!
That’s rather intriguing. Another intriguing thing: We saw you in Eat Bulaga one time. Sumali kasi ako doon sa contest nila. They were looking for sexy babes daw na nag-pose sa FHM. At first, ayaw ko sana sumali kasi I have a class that day pero when I learned na sandali lang yung game, pumunta na ako. We, the five winners, won P320,000 in that contest. Ha ha ha!

Article and Images courtesy of FHM Philippines

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