Ellen Adarna UNO October 2008

Ellen Adarna is UNO’s cover girl once again.

In UNO’s October issue, 2008 Numero UNO Girl Ellen Adarna talks about the shock that came about after her first cover with UNO last March and how even with her online status she just wants to remain a simple girl. She tells us about her new discovery that elephants are really wary of mice. Is this a sign of things to come for celebs who seem like elephants? Do they need to watch out for Ellen? UNO certainly thinks they should be watchful of this girl from Cebu. Check out the full interview and the hotter than hot pictures of Ellen Adarna in UNO this October.

Bigger Ellen Adarna UNO cover image after the jump.

Ellen Adarna UNO magazine October 2008

Thanks to shiela marie mendoza for the cover image.

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8 thoughts on “Ellen Adarna UNO October 2008

  1. hmmm alam mo ba ellen adarna hindi ka maalis sa isip ko araw araw ewan ko kung bakit pero hindi pa naman kita lubos kilala pero parang nahuhulog na agad ang puso ko ewan ko kung anong nakain ko masaya ako para sa career mo sana malaman ko din ang tunay na ikaw salamat na din dahil napasaya mo ako kahit papaano sige alis na ako bye ingat ka lang parati mahal na talaga kita ahuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu! byebye


  2. thin and fairer in person??? that’s her body in the picture. Of course, people do change when it comes to weight. She just gained more weight this time

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