Maike Evers in UNO Magazine Sept 2008

Maike Evers, a half-Filipino, half German/Australian model who is the current cover girl of UNO magazine, talks about her passion for chocolates, who gets her vote as the US president, why she is into drums and what she would do if she were a First Lady. Confused? Well I’ll let her pictures do the talking =)

Maike Evers UNO

More Maike Evers UNO pics after the jump.


Thanks to Dinjo Constantino of 5 Leaf Publishing for the images.

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2 thoughts on “Maike Evers in UNO Magazine Sept 2008

  1. Add==Thanks to Maike for that Steph info in conncection to Alaska. Correlated nga doon sa code ni La Palma code ni Michelle Paloma with Alaska-Nibiru Eris-Vulcan and the polar shift and the waukes in Alaska if that sentence info is reall true.====ro be continued====….

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