Iwa Moto FHM September 2008

Iwa Moto, A sexy Filipina Japanese actress, is on the cover of FHM Philippines September 2008.

Iwa Moto FHM Philippines

Iwa Moto posing in front of the magazine has a nice, clean look. Although i think Iwa Moto could go for something more daring or exotic the next time.

Image and some text content copyright of FHM Philippines.

Author: Kiven
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5 thoughts on “Iwa Moto FHM September 2008

  1. you are a nice girl to me and very arractive ka sa kin at ang lakas mo talaga sa akin. sana kung me pagkakataon pa ko sa yo talaga di kita pwede hindi ka makuha ko at maging partner in forever.

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