Raquel Gibson Playboy Philippines 2

Raquel Gibson poses for Playboy Philippines. IMHO Playboy Philippines Issue 2 is a bit better but still aint worth 199 pesotes even with Raquel Gibson on the cover. Images of Playboy Philippines with Raquel Gibson on the cover to be posted once available.

Raquel Gibson

Author: Kiven
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4 thoughts on “Raquel Gibson Playboy Philippines 2

  1. Apparently Mr. Ku the financier/publisher was bitchslapped by Playboy International.

    That’s why the second issue (well the cover at least) is looking a million times better.

    Also the current editor in chief, Beting Dolor will “resign” soon. Supposedly he won’t last beyond June or July of 2008.

    Maybe the Hef though it was time to let the old dog go. HAHA!

  2. my god.

    just heard from friends that the Racquel Gibson is just an old photo from Playboy US 2005?

    kawawa naman yung staff ng Playboy Philippines.

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