Sarah Christophers is UNO’s April 2008 Cover Girl

Sarah Christophers is UNO Magazine April 2008 Cover Girl.


Fil-Aussie Star Sarah Christophers lights up the April 2008 cover of UNO Philippines Magazine.

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8 thoughts on “Sarah Christophers is UNO’s April 2008 Cover Girl

  1. as if namang maganda ka Lile! eww…

    Sarah is defenitely pretty… She’s not that visible cause she’s busy in Australia . She deserves to be a cover girl noh! hindi naman sya kukunin ng uno if they don’t know kung kikita sila? come to think of it! helleur….

  2. Sarah is the prettiest of her batch. She is also pursuing a college degree in Australia and that’s why she is not seen on tv.

  3. ang ganda ni lile, sana magcover girl ka rin ng uno.. two-piece bikini.. malamang pagkakaguluhan yun..

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