Priscilla Meirelles – Playboy Philippines Magazine Issue 1 Cover Girl


Priscilla Meirelles aka Miss Earth 2004 is Playboy Philippines Magazine Issue 1 Cover Girl as announced in the launch of Playboy at the Sofitel Hotel. Good choice. Classic Beauty. But why on earth does she needs to hold that thing? It looks like a food/restaurant magazine that shows cleavage or something…

playboy philippines

Anyway, Priscilla Meirelles sure does look HOT. Rawr… Priscilla Meirelles Playboy Video after the jump.

Priscilla Meirelles announced as cover girl – Playboy Philippines Youtube Video

Author: Kiven
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24 thoughts on “Priscilla Meirelles – Playboy Philippines Magazine Issue 1 Cover Girl

  1. boring! they should rename it Gayboy magazine. it’s for dirty old farts who have no other jobs.

  2. They turn Playboy into gay, that sucks. They should given it to publishers that have the balls to say it’s magazine for men and for men only.

  3. this magazine is totally useless. i’d rather buy the much cheaper fhm than this conservative crap. this mag should be called “prayboy”, not playboy. go ahead and pray all day but you won’t see any pussy here.

  4. First of all I would like to say congratulation to all the stuff of PLAYBOY magazine. Its my pleasure as a Filipino citizen in our country I believe that in you issue is the # 1 in our country right now. Priescilla M. is so beautifull she is so awesome woman in our country good choice to become is the first cover girl of PLAYBOY magazine. And in your next issue I would love to see you feature the leading star of PRIMETIMEBIDA of LOBO non other than MS. Angel Locsin I know she also hot woman in our country and she also the gorgeous and sexiest woman like MS. Priscilla M. and i believe that mans magazine is for man only but its also for gay like me I appreciate all the article its so fabulous and we all know that your magazine its so expensive but for me as a reader of your magazine its okei because every pages its excellence and brilliant outcome. Once again congratulation and more power I love PLAYBOY magazine.

    Mark Julius A. Cu-18
    Ilocos Norte-Laoag City 2900

  5. i completely agree this is a piece, oh i’m sorry i mean a pile of crap and useless stuffs!!! if there’s going to be a playboy philippines then it should be as hot (or even hotter) than the real playboy (US). the models should be posing nude!!!!

  6. Mark Julius. you are obviously one of the pityful staff of Playboy. the magazine is practically the WORST men’s magazine in Philippine history.

    and Angel Locsin. no. every celebrity out there will NEVER pose for this lousy mag.

    besides Mark Julius. the intelligent staff of Playboy has already mentioned that they will NOT BE CELEBRITY DRIVEN. ibig sabihin nito, mga nobodies yung nasa cover. Oh yeah they did say that they will feature beautiful FILIPINAS. i guess that’s why they have put Priscilla. oh wait. she’s a Filipina? No??? gee.

    well Mark Julius of Ilocos Norte… if playboy phils is your standard of excellence and brilliance… i feel really sorry for you.

    go watch a movie nalang sister!

  7. mark julius… you are so full of shit! since when did playboy release an issue with no nude women in it? an please dude…..learn to formulate your english sentences better…i mean DAMN!….”because every pages its excellence and brilliant outcome.” you are obviously stupid and if you’re a filipino, i wouldn’t want to be in the same country with you! wake up faggot!

  8. I agree with the majority here. Playboy Philippines was a let down considering its P199 price tag. The whole point of Playboy is that it’s the men’s mag that shows nude women! That’s why it’s for mature readers only. Way to really miss the point there.

  9. new chismis about Playboy. The Hef heard & saw that it was so bad… he had all the issues pulled out.

    anybody out there who can confirm this?

  10. heard more inside chismis.

    Priscilla hated the original “Black Mamba Team” that did the photography. it was just a bunch of “feeling-photographer-fellows” who thought that they were good enough to do a magazine shoot.

    But they were idiots and Priscilla was super disappointed. she specifically fixed up the famous SECOND SHOOT (on her own! go girl!) with a better and competent and REAL team. she told the staff of Playboy Philippines not to use any of the shots from the first shoot. but lo and behold… they still used the cooking magazine cover option. She was really pissed but gave up.

    Poor Priscilla.

  11. holy crap!! is that for real..angel locsin wearing a bikini?? i havent seen her this way before!! i will surely grab a copy of maxim mag this month!!!

  12. huh? this is Playboy Philippines topic Pao. i suggest you look at the picture. that’s not angel.

  13. Playboy Philippines, what the?????? Waste of time and money, the mag’ is close to becoming a tech stuff magazine. It is not anywhere near the original playboy mag from US.

  14. Ye If they are even going to try and make Playboy big in the Philippines they need to keep up with the generation & what men want, it’s 2011!!! and I have not seen ONE cover model yet with HUGE breasts to make you want buy the magazine… if your not showing nude then SHOW US CLEAVAGE or a pretty face : )

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