Denise Milani


Denise Milani
is one model that ,for some obvious reasons (look at those eyes!), makes me a bit confused as to what to say on this post. Denise Milani has a lot nice things written about her since 2004 but read what says about Denise: “Sexy doesn’t even begin to describe Denise Milani’s heavenly body. A 5’4” stunner with natural 32DDD sweater kittens, this brunette bombshell has the kind of physique that could put a boy through puberty in a single day. We all know that milk does a body good, but just how much has Denise Milani been drinking?”

Hot. Sexy. Pretty.

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Denise Milani is quickly becoming one of the world’s most sought-after glamour models. Her sexy look and serious assets garner more than their fair share of attention. To paraphrase Star Wars: Those aren’t moons. They’re space stations.

denisemilani_balcony.jpg denisemilani_sweetdreams.jpg

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4 thoughts on “Denise Milani

  1. OK na sana, ganda siya ha., kaya lang masyadong lumaki and hinaharap niya. Totoo ba iyan? O baka naman kapag natusok ng pin eh sisingaw na. He, He, He,

  2. No way is that real. If you want to know what “real” looks like, do a search on Keeley Hazell.

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