Linda Backlund – Pinoy Big Brother Teens Plus

Nope, i aint suddenly covering Pinoy Big Brother Teens Plus – just the babes. Just the pretty babes. So, in order for me to further one of the main topics of this gaming and babes centric blog, i present to you: Linda Backlund of the PBB Teens Plus tv show. Oh, she’s a minor so uhh she wont be appearing on FHM or Uno in the next year or so.


Nickname: Linda Backlund
Status: In House
Origin: Iriga City
Age: 16
Birthdate: November 21, 1991
Height: 5’7”
Nationality: Filipino
School: University of St. Anthony
Favorite cartoon character: Tweety Bird
Hobbies: Eating, riding my motorbike

Linda Backlund – Pinoy Big Brother Teen Plus
linda_backlund01.jpg linda_backlund04.jpg lindabacklund03.jpg

The Bikini Babe
Linda grew up as daddy’s little girl, but she took it as her biggest failure when she failed to persuade her Swedish father to stay longer in the Philippines. However, all hope for her is not lost because she still communicates with her dad regularly through chat and phone calls.

Her Filipino-Swedish beauty has been her golden ticket into winning several pageants.Linda has joined several bikini contests including the prestigious Bikini Open, and she has recently been crowned Ms. Camarines Sur.For her, beauty pageants are like child’s play, and with her height and charm, she easily catches the approving eyes of the judges and the audience. Although she will miss turning over her Ms. Cam Sur crown this summer, Linda is raring to go and prove her worth inside the Big Brother house.

Author: Kiven
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5 thoughts on “Linda Backlund – Pinoy Big Brother Teens Plus

  1. I think the girl from the first pic is Jocelyn Oxlade of the Kitty girls

    Kiven says: I agree with you. ill edit the pic later. nice email domain address, greetings sa mga tao dyan na readers din hehe

  2. aha! you finally did it!

    We were just talking about this last week. I’m impressed. You’re fast, chief! hehehe. Beat me to it. Grrrrr

  3. hi linda ang galing galing mo talag proud sau ang mga taga iriga and lalong lalo na ang mga mag aaral sa usant..proud sau kc magiging ckat ka na and sana ikaw ang maging big winner…(”,)

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