Ellen Adarna UNO Philippines March 2008 Cover Girl



Oye! The one and only Ellen Adarna finally graces the cover of a men’s magazine. She’s finally legal, and immediately sheds her clothes. WTF. I’m sure no one is complaining. UNO Magazine March 2008 has the exclusive pics of the real Ellen Adarna. Good times…

ellen adarna pics

Author: Kiven
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47 thoughts on “Ellen Adarna UNO Philippines March 2008 Cover Girl

  1. Jaiskizzy,

    I assumed much but if you do really work for UNO, hook me up with your licensing department. Thanks

  2. hindi nga eto yung cover

    Ano po height ni Ms. Ellen Adarna?
    There’s an issue, about her and Diether Ocampo
    May mga kumalat na pictures na magkasama sila

    Totoo din po bang she’s a real flirt?
    Kc ang dami din nya pics kasama ang iba’t ibang lalaki..


  3. its really her.. i’ve seen ellen a couple of times here in cebu.. and trust me she is really very pretty.. about the rumors, well as what they say “nobody kicks a dead dog”.. ^_^

  4. actually ellen adarna is not her real name… anyway, she’s just a common girl in town. if she will go to the U.S or @ france people will see her as a little teenager as sweet as a candy.^.^

  5. well. it’s really her. it’s actually the primary photo of her real (friendster) account.

    she was a mass com student of St. Theresa’s College in Cebu. kaso, she stopped na yata eh..:D
    (of course i know, i go to the same school with her before. she was one year ahead of me.)

    and oh, by the way, Ellen Adarna is really her name..

  6. alam q qng san xa nagaaral ngeon!

    ang ganda tlga nya kso me butas n xa s ilong ngeyon eh…
    pero maganda p rin tlga…

  7. sigurado na ba na si ellen adarna yan?. . .i think she’s hot..hot na hot..owwweeeeeee..”GANSAMI”!!!!!!

  8. that’s ellen..
    I know her.. She studied at St. Theresa’s College in Cebu..
    She’s really a beauty..
    hay nako, people at STC always talk about her before.. you know, how pretty she is…
    Grabe, gwapa jud siya oi!


  10. She’s Ellen Adarna. A good friend of mine. We were both part of the finalists who won last July-ish Top 8 for Candy Teen Model Contest for CandyMagazine. She will never reply here

    (ellen Says:
    March 5th, 2008 at 9:47 pm
    hey im ellen meriam go adarna u cnt buy it na…. i know d nmn poe aqoe sikat pero ngaun lalo na nkilala n koe s pilipinas im a model of candy mags)

    Stop. Pathetic poser. She will never reply here. Anyway, She’s from Cebu and from St. Theresa’s College not from UM. Im watching the Buzz right now and she’s part of the issue about Diether but then Ellen’s Boyfriend is a good friend of Diether. So there. Diet said its not true about their issue. Got to go. :)

  11. LOSERS!!!!!!!! mga loser tao d2 !!! mga walang “Social Life” kawawa naman kayo…. kng ako sa inyo wag na kau mangarap ng kng ano ano… kng ano binigay sa inyo ng Diyos tanggapin nyo na lang!!! mga GAGOng ULUPONG!! LOSERS!!!!!!!!!!

  12. this face have a lot of poser in friendster..can you pls search friendster and look for name janna lopez..shes wearing red blouse and using Naga City, Camarines Sur, PH for her loc. …then tell me kong poser siya..makes me think twice..kc she have all the picture of ellen,w/ family.friends..in her PP..jst knw her recently ..we chat and txt,..but i have a doubt if shes d realone..para matigil ko na this stupid thing im doing right now…thnks people..

  13. cathrina madrigal real name nian…is it true na pregnant na sha??? kc muka sha chubby sa pix nia sa uno party…

    x nia ung kakilala ko…pero happy nmn na ung x nia with her new found love…buti nlng..hehe and besyds kung yan nkatuluyan nian, bka ni magsaing di lam nian…nabulag lng daw sha sa face value ni cate..aka ellen adarna…syang at mukang play gurl….if i were her..di ko sasayangin beauty ko kasi naeexpoite na sha ng mga tao…


  15. nakuh ha!..
    aywan xenu jan..
    geh pa..
    mag-away pa kau..
    beauty and brain ba yan xa??..
    but for all we know..
    beauty nman tlga xa..
    i jst wanna know kng brainy xa..

  16. ellen adarna is her real name. she’s a friend of mine. eventhough i only
    know her through the internet, she’s so adorable. and i know she’s the
    real ellen bcz we’re webcamming on IM. and she’s nice seriously <3. im
    from malaysia and i never know that she’s so famous in phil. <3 u ellen!

  17. Shes Beautiful… I want to marry her and probably want a tour with her all around the world.. I really love this girl..I hope shes gonna be nice with me… Oh, Ellen…Im a victim of fake ellen on the net. Damn Shame..Ellen is ok with you to a dinner date with?

  18. bakit ba kau naiinggit????


    wag kau gnyan puro kau english speakng

    pero tanong

    my face b keooo????

    tamaan taloooo hahahaha

    idol dont mind them!!!

    mga loooosssseeeerrrr!!!!

  19. Yah, actually I’ve heard an issue that Ms. Ellen Adarna is now linked with
    the Japnese-Brazilian supermodel Akihiro Sato,, presently he is here
    in the Philippines and currently studying at the University of the Philippines,,
    I dont know if that issue about these two celebs have accuracy,, well
    Ellen Adarna is absolutely beautiful especially in person because of her
    Chinese blood…

  20. hi! tanung lang po cnu pa c ellen adarna saan po ba sya nadiscover anu po ba ang citizen ship nya at papaanu naman po sya nalink kay diet naging sila po ba ni diet bye the way your a beutifull one ms ellen hope i see you in person……………

  21. TAMA SI RYAN!!yan ang primary photo nya sa real fs account nya!!ang hirap i-add.!!buti pa sa facebook i have lots of artista friends!!e yang si ellen ilang taon ko na ina-add ayaw…vniew nya ung skn (pero xmore nka-private din ako)…haaayyy

  22. so many rumors about ellen…kexo buntis or what…isa lang ang totoo may attitude problem nga ata yan kasi base on the ilang years ko sa paghahanap ng kung anu-ano about ellen eh may nadaanan akong website na she’s mad…nakalagay na she hates people..na if you don’t like her eh mas ayaw ka nya…sabagay…

  23. ms.ellen,juz give me a sgn,my nanllko xken at nagppngap na ikw,juz reply kung hindi ikw un!!!para mahuli ko xa!! tnx!!!

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