Jennylyn Mercado is FHM Philippines’ January 2008 Cover Girl


According to a local news report, Jennylyn Mercado is FHM Philippines’ January 2008 Cover Girl. More FHM Images of Jennylyn Mercado once available.

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22 thoughts on “Jennylyn Mercado is FHM Philippines’ January 2008 Cover Girl

  1. jen…sobrang gandamo para kang diyosa….hope you wont change!!!!sana maraming blessings pang ibigay si God sayo coz u deserved it…thank you forbeing a gooooood inspiration to all…God bless…Take CArE….we will support you all the way….love you…

  2. hi jen ang ganda mo at sexy pa you deserve to be a cover girl…lahat ng characteristic ng cover girl is nasa seo na so im very proud of you…i know that youre sexy inside and out…hope you wont change…..LoVe you…

  3. Good thing she posed for that already since now she’s gonna be a Mommy and a Wifey … sayang ang career mo day … napakabata mo pa … tsk tsk …

  4. jen,u r so beautiful and yummy.
    hehe.. but ba turn off ako kasi buntis ka na. dont worry, bili pa rin ako fhm january.
    wawa ka naman f wlang bibili.haha

  5. hai nku.. syang k tlga.. pro atleast nging honest k in public.. db.? that’sok.. blessing yn ni God.. more power to you dear jen.. godbless u always.. i already red you fhm issue.. and that was great pti ung mga picture m.. gnda tlga.. ingat k lge.. and take care of urself and s baby mo..

  6. sayang jen.. pru kaya mu yan… na22wa aq n nging honest k…d lng aq mrami kme… ngka22o ung hula ni madam auring sau nuhh….

  7. elow..!♥hehehehheh♥
    ♥ sna mas tumaas p ♥
    ♥ ktah mo. ♥
    ♥ d lng qoh kundi kming lht ♥
    ♥ ang mgzusoport sau.. ♥

  8. ate jen idol kita gusto kitang makita ng personal…
    sana nga magkita tayo…geh po god bless more power and take care
    love mwwaaahhhh ur my no. idol… yah po..

  9. ur so pretty olthough u r olredi preggy en future 2b a mommy…….more power po ate!!!!wish u ol d best en more blessings in lyf….guluck po s future..lavya!!!!!!!mwuahugs po….hope to c u…

  10. eow powh ”@_@” teh jen im zowe phrawwd of u b’coz i knowe dat u can fasze ol dhoewz triahuz dath cowme nd wil cowme n ur lyf .Nd alzow b’coz u actcept ur baebie wat ever hafpenz in ur life olthowe u r acngle mom diz iz not a repent 4 u im zo ahphie 4u l olwaeiz tacke caire of ur selfp nd olsow ur baeibie luv yuaaaaaaaahhhhh”….. muaaaaaaahhhh ”//…

  11. hahaha!!!ganda mu poh…..kht preggy…sna mkblk k agd sa mga show sa tv…sna poh mgtmbl ult kau ni mark…dmi poh ng-aabng n mgtmbl ult kau sa kht anung t.v show……hehehehehe!!!!

  12. hi jen. i ain`t sure if you can read this comments but uh? just want to say in public that its ahryt to have flaws sometimes, coz everyone commits it! just learn from what happened and be strong for yer baby. yer pretty enough to stand up and be gutsy. ^^ your always and example of being beauty inside specially outside. hope u`ll consider yer supporters and always put yer feet on the ground. always put things to God and consider facts in every decision! more power to you jen. hope u`ll find yer happiness in show biz ^^ much care ms. jen im one of yer fan:]]

  13. hi! jen ur so sexy talaga kaht bagung panganak ka.sana mapa labas mu na in commercial c baby aj mo…..kip safe

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