Mariana Del Rio – Samba Corned Beef Commercial Babe

Have you been wondering who is that pretty lady in the Samba Corned Beef Commercials or TVCs airing on Philippine Television? Well, I think i know the answer. Her name is Mariana Del Rio (real or screen?), a Brazilian stunner who currently resides as a model here in our very own Filipinas.


sambagirl2.JPG sambagirl4.JPG

Information from her PUBLIC Friendster account:

Name: Mariana Del Rio
Age: Female, 19, Single
Interested In: Dating Men, Friends
Member Since: Feb 2007
Location: Philippines
Hometown: Sao Paulo BRAZIL

mariana1.jpg mariana3.jpg

sambagirl1.JPG sambagirl5.JPG

Images from Mariana’s Friendster Public Profile and Robi’s Site – Samba Behind the Scenes

Author: Kiven
Kiven originally started this blog back in 2004 to document his forays into Half Life 2 and World of Warcraft. Over the years, it has grown to be one of the biggest blogs in the Philippines covering Games, Technology, Social Media and Kiven's new passion: Photography. He can also be found lurking over at Twitter/ Instagram/Pinterest as @Kiven .

29 thoughts on “Mariana Del Rio – Samba Corned Beef Commercial Babe

  1. thats real name tagala! thats me in lactacyd at lucky me supreme at skin white deodorant at ga sky suits at t3 may issue cover at wedding esentials cover at uno cover april issue at jack and jill fun snacks at natures harvest juice and some more… marami salamat po sayon lahat!!!
    i really apreciate it !!

  2. This is the teen who is driving Cesar Montano crazy…well..she must be good..and intelligent..good luck..but make peace with his family first..

  3. hey! be a good girl & dont wreck a family! havew conscience! daming binata dyan. sayang coz your gorgeous pa naman!

  4. …hmm..diz girl isz so hot.. heheh..she’s nice in her commercials and many teens are craving to see this chiq. keep u the good work.. and god bless.

  5. just to comment w/ regards sa comment ni julliane… napaka righteous mo nman magsalita. why dont u ask 1st if its true. U give advice as if confirm n. its just a rumor unless proven otherwise …have a conscience??? cguraduhin mo muna ok? :-)

  6. She looks very pretty though she has a big similarity to cesar’s ex-gf names teresa loyzaga. I really hope all the intrigues about here is not true. She is too young to get involved with a 46 yr old guy.

  7. cesar montano?
    is this true? you are about to leave ur family for this girl? or another person who dont have nothing to do so u want to put montano’s family into more trouble. according to the latest news in the buzz. cesar montano is already making peace with her wife and he is indeed courting sunshine cruz again. please. dont make this such an horrible issue. and mariana del rio. your good, wide opportunity model. you have a good future waiting for you. and a good man will rest on you for the rest of your life. cesar montano is a family man. yes friends is okay, but better get away from him. there are a lot of models here in the philippines i know and im sure u will drool over them. not this man..okay? act on your age, and flirt on right place and right time.
    god bless!

  8. kim…

    if ur gonna comment in english pls make sure the grammar and word relations are correct otherwise you’re confusing the readers as to what you really wanted to say ok? (you’re giving me nosebleed)… if you cant construct a good english sentence …tagalog na lang dude

    peace :-)

  9. love you marianna… kaya kong iwan lahat na meron ako, para lang sayo! sanay nga ako sa bohol dati na nakatsinelas lang…

  10. Ate Mariana!
    I kn0w CeasaR m0ntan0 is n0t the man 0f your lyf..
    he is just .. a father f0r you… and if he lyks you.. eeewww…
    kadiri nmn diba ate Mar?!
    advise k0 sau..
    g0 to papa pi0l0 nlng and d0nt mind people discriminating y0ur name…
    if 0nly i can kick their asses i wouLd d0..
    hehehh jowk!
    per0 i admit..
    i hate peopLe wh0 hates you..

    bkt nmn yata ikaw.. sisira sa family ni ceasar… its imp0sibLe..
    That beauty 0f y0urs?!
    si ceasar m0ntano ay isa lng syang hamak.. na act0r.. na panget! kung umarte!
    akala m0 kung sin0ng mag yabang na artista daw sya!
    uu nga he is an act0r but..
    0nly few people wh0 lyks him..
    he is n0t that popular..

    Ate Mar.. if you want m0re advises na nang galing sakin chat me..
    heres my emaiL..


  11. hi..makikisali lng po..i was shocked when i saw mariana on tv yesterday,, hanga ako kxe she knows how to speak tagalog pala and kalahi din nten(my filipino blood).. mariana is just 16 right? she’s still young..pde sa PBB teens or star magic.. hehe.. nice challenge un sa bhay- a sophisticated matured girl in big brother’s house, hmmm.. for sure my chance xa na sumikat and mareach ung dream nya maging actress..idea ko lng..what do you think guys?

    hope mariana will read this, if she’s just determined talaga to be successful star here in the Philippines, this will be a nice idea – Caught the attention of the public first and show her good nature (pagka filipino blooded nia). Filipinos will surely love her and another foreign risingstar will come to the business.

  12. hi again. you really wanna be an actress,,right?.. where? here? grabe,, i will really support you if you enter showbiz here in the philippines..i will establish a fan club just for you..huwag lang sa gma-kapuso.. well, if you want papa P then you should apply sa kapamilya-Abs-CBn.. Sayang.. huli na for you ang PBB teens.. ang saya sana if you got the chance to enter that reality show.. even it’s like eeewwi and cornie for you that kind of show- at least you will get the public eyes dibah? just show your child-like side, dont be maarte, and always talk nice words.. hmmm… people will like and support you..just like kim chiu and gerald anderson, a now very successful actors, also a half-breed pinoys, just come from that PBB teens.. haha..

    its really a pleasure for philippine television to have a star like you. keep on striving your dream of becoming an actress!

    keep yourself expose on tv for people not to forget you and continue supporting you.

    hope you’ll have the chance to read all this!

    this is my yahoo account:
    if in case you don’t mind to be my yahoofriend, im a girl dont worry, i’ll just share you everything i know about show business here in the philippines and how you’ll be a very good icon on the eyes of the people.

    just concern… hope you’ll reply kahit thank you message lang!

    goodluck and have a peaceful life now.

  13. ate mar!
    c0nfused u?kunganu tunay email k0?
    the email that i wr0te.. in the LEAVE A REPLY.. that was true.. and i hav 2 emails… ^-^

  14. i wish i have a girlfriend like you so beautiful and so sexy
    if you have a friendster please add me
    well i have only 2 words to say to you STAY BEAUTIFUL


  15. hello poh! you are really very beautiful…
    hmp… keep doing a lot of commercials.
    many people are admiring you…
    hmp…. ilan po ba height nyu?

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