Vanessa Anne Hudgens Scandal

Yep, The female lead star of Disney’s High School Musical seems to be in a totally different genre with her latest antics. What’s with Disney female stars and scandals anyway?

UPDATE: In a statement released Friday by her rep, Hudgens, 18, says: “I want to apologize to my fans, whose support and trust means the world to me. I am embarrassed over this situation and regret having ever taken these photos. I am thankful for the support of my family and friends.”

Vanessa Hudgens has become famous for her wholesome look and sweet singing voice, but a nude photo that has hit the Internet is definitely striking a low note for the “High School Musical” star.

Vanessa Anne Hudgens Scandal and as as reported by MTV after the jump.

“It is unfortunate that this has become public,” an unnamed rep for the 18-year-old singer/actress said in a statement released to Us Magazine.

The picture appears to have been taken in a bedroom or on-set production trailer. Standing and pulling her hair back with one hand, a smiling Hudgens shares the frame with a bed, wooden dresser — and nothing else.

“This was a photo which was taken privately,” Hudgens’ representative said in the statement, confirming the authenticity of the first leaked picture.

The release of the image could signal trouble for Hudgens, who is currently in negotiations for a third “High School Musical” film (see ” ‘High School Musical 3’ Won’t Be Haunted — But It’s Still Headed For Big Screen”). Parent company Walt Disney, which is known for its wholesome image, had some well-documented issues with Melissa Joan Hart in 1999 when the “Sabrina” star posed for Maxim magazine under the headline “Your Favorite Witch Without a Stitch” — and had a bedsheet to cover herself.

With that kind of history, “High School Musical” fans are already wondering if Zac Efron’s gal has bared too much of herself during this solo number.

via MTV , Vanessa Hudgens Official Site.

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34 thoughts on “Vanessa Anne Hudgens Scandal

  1. I would like to say that it is unfortuante about what happened and i will not stop liking vanessa for a mistake. As long as, that is, she doesn’t become a lindsey lohan!

  2. i thnk she was so stupid 4 doing that i mean i noe that thes wld happen n i hpe her carreer doesnt end bt y z hell dd she took those pictures????????????/

  3. hey you know what.we should not judge nor contradict her cause she’s still a person eventhough her name is known world wide or whatever.alot of people have done more despicable doings than her and it’s not our right to just say harsh words.and if it werent for the person who spread it,children wouldnt have known about this and it wouldnt kill the spark of hope in children’s eyes.we should not call her names nor wish or even think of her career sinking below instead help her, cause she needs support and help especially now.

  4. i a felt bad about it man, it really hurt how do yo feel when your idol has a scandal man, im a filipina and i know you are a filipina to and i know you have a relationship with drake bell and its bad to see my idol messing around like a flirt i am not saying your one but it still hurt your still my idol

  5. You know what it she wasnt the one who posted them and teenagers do stupid things I’m not saying its right but people are comming down on her to hard!!

  6. Dont worry vanessa u still have some belivers i still love u and feel sorry for u! xoxoxoxox hope it gos better

  7. Vanessa my friends& i will support you till the end!!! Hope u will feel better bcs there is still many people supporting you!!! We will not watch High School Musical 3 if you are not in the show because if you are not in the show it will not be interesting enough!!!

  8. I think she done nothing wrong – just took pictures of herself and this was ages ago. 2 Years. And someone was probably hacking into Drake Bell email because that the only person it went to. She didn’t wanted it to be everywhere – would you like it if a picture of yourself naked went all around the internet [ unless your a pornstar ] so it un needed she out of HSM 3 because it wont feel right with Adriellina Bailon – what she going to start stripping in the flim. She a human being – not a disabled lady. You might not even make HSM because it not worth the watching. Trust me…

  9. Vanessa is a whore. its terribly sad that she has to take her clothes off to make her boyfriend happy. hope her career dies. :D

  10. you know Vanessa, you are my idol. I love you so much. I kinda get jealous of you sometimes because you are so gorgeous! I sometimes wish I were you. I am a bit disappointed in you. I forgive you. I have done some stupid stuff too. So don’t worry about it. Don’t look at the past…look foward to the future. I love you Vanessa. You are still my #1 idol.

  11. I still love you vanessa you could do anything and I will still be your number one fan…tear…tear…tear…And i want you to know ive never had someone like you as a role model and i wish i was a star so i can be dating you and we will be the best couple and come out in newlyweds in mtv and cribs and alot of stuff well got to go bye love you….tears….tears…alot of them…

  12. I know it would be mean to judge her in a time like this but it is so true that what she did was not right, duh!! Taking a picture of your self naked and send it to your boy friend just to make him more interested!!! She just prove that she’s a flirt!!! But I understand.. Your 18….some 18 years old students are even worst!!!

  13. I feel soo sad for her

    Vanessa do not feel too sad of what happend!!
    I will always Suport you no matter what happens!!
    look on the good side you have such great family and friends!!
    Do not let these bad coments stop you being famious!!
    Its your life do what ever you like do not let bad suporters stop you being famious!!
    I loe you sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much vanessa hudgens
    i am adickted to you

    From your number 1 fan

  14. Big deal. She took some nude pics of herself. It could be a lot worse. Yea, I wouldn’t be happy if my daughter did that but it’s not worth all the hype it’s getting. Teenage years are difficult for anyone to go through. Let’s all hope she has more sense not to blow everything she’s got going for her now.

  15. Vanessa, I never liked you and I never will cause you are a WHORE. I now have proof to call you that because of those NUDE pictures. You DISGUST me and my friends.(your music sucks.)

  16. i’m xori for wat i will say to u,…

    u are a misirable gurl,…

    dat i never been watch,…

    and mr. Zac u must choose a gurl,…

    with self respect and,… with a real dignity,…

    coz’ if u choose like her,.. ur life to is being misirable to,..

    so don;t pick or choose like her,.. w/ a nude pic.

  17. HI! I love nude pictures coz I always look on the internet to see nude and naked pictures and I always look in the internet for the sex videos.
    ssoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo It’s okay for me coz I love you Vanessa Anne Hudgen I want to sex you, I want to see another nude picture of you I want to see your tits. your breast, and your sext body. I am unisex so I also love Zac Efron I want to sex him,see his etits,and picture him while sexing me, while putting his etits in my ass hole or in my tits hole.
    So Vannessa and Troy dont marry each other because I want to marry Troy!
    SO VANESSA its okay for me dont apologize!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Just dont marry Troy or else I’ll kick you!

  18. vanessa . u actually disappointed me . but if it’s private .. y was it posted in public ?
    i actually admired u . and so my whole BARKADA!
    well . that’s lyf .
    but don’t worry i still lyk u . and so other people .
    we truly support u . so continue with your career !
    ur cool .
    luv u ATE !
    |take care|



  19. hi vanesssa you know you are my idol, you know when my class mates teasing you im protecting you. because you are my totally no. 1 aunt said that were look alike and its true.but then ,when i heard that you have a scandal i sooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!! disappointed , but its okay for me .ill forgive you because you are filipino and you are my #.1 IDOL.

  20. I love you Vanessa but please never be naked again. If someone says that to you, tell him or her that is not right and if he or she tells you that he or she is not your friend anymore, he or she is not worthy to be your friend. Don’t do bad stuff too OK ☺

  21. yakkkkkkkkksssssss

    i think stupidity is the best name for you,but anyway you have something to show,yet you are being idolized by a mass of teens who were expecting things they wish you to show,however you fail them.

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