Saicy Aguila is Maxim Philippines October 2007 Cover Girl

Former Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) Season 2 housemate, Saicy Aguila is Maxim Philippines Cover girl for the October magazine issue.


Bigger Saicy Aguila Maxim cover after the jump

Saicy Aguila Maxim cover

Image courtesy of Maxim Philippines Magazine

Author: Kiven
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11 thoughts on “Saicy Aguila is Maxim Philippines October 2007 Cover Girl

  1. galing
    super sexy,unlike wendy shes not pretty on tv.ang payat2x.kumain ka namn wendsssssss.saicy the best ka

  2. hi how are you what is your name where are you from i am from dubai but my country bangladesh

  3. hello..saicy i appreciate your skin tone.. a typical filipina color…morena…perfect skin…… proud…yan ang skin type na gustung gustu ng lahat d maputi di maitim katamtaman lang…….ur bless..

  4. WHAT CAN I SAY BUT…………..WOW! WOW! and again WOW!!!
    You’re pic is as sexy as when you hit the dance floor!
    Hope I can get some emailed photos of yours!

  5. i like saicy soooo much… she’s actually my bet for pbb but unfortunately she was voted out…. but at least it wasn’t wendy who won…

  6. korek!!!! super sexy tlga si siren duper sexy saicy…. ay naku perfect tlga alm ko super bantay n si dadi robert kc marami na aligid k saicy… go saicy your the best

  7. my mum get mad to see the picture of saicy because she got insecured BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUT my dad he like it and he love it, sexy tlaga no lipo include natural ang pagkasexy,

  8. i really like u saicy. ive been following ur career ever since u entered pbb.
    wish u luck and i will support u all the way!

    how’s daddy robert?

  9. hi dear!….
    1st of all i just want to say that congrats>..with ur carrer but girls; ur so verry chaka! o c’mon ur so verry pathetics ur so verry idiot with ur look kahit na ganyan ang inabot mo di parin nawawala ang baho mo kasi dika bagay jan kung baga sa dance floor ng ASAP..parang BALIW ka at sa mga artista TRAPO ka lang…malalaos karin..hahahahahhhhhhhhhhhhhheeeeeeheh3ehe

  10. to bad_girls..
    oh girl, watch out , you and your big mouth… your such a jerk.. if you think you have fun of judging Saicy like that, think again… Look at yourself ,your more than a trash.. act accordingly, if you got issues, get it to the sewers.. your like a parasite that sucks up fecal debris…

    To Saicy where here to support you, just be good and don’t forget to asked guidance to the Lord.. We know your doing great… Be strong and do the best you can… You’ve got the Filipina Looks, the skin stone the body and the best dancing talent… keep it up girl…were proud of you….mwah

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