Toni Gonzaga sings Perfect World theme song Video

Toni Gonzaga sings the Perfect World theme song during the commercial launch at the SM Megamall.

Video by’s Joey Alarilla.

Author: Kiven
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10 thoughts on “Toni Gonzaga sings Perfect World theme song Video

  1. ganda talaga ng ate namin..,keep up te..,we miss u na ni mommy..goodluck….hehe

    congrats sa award ha for ur album..Godbless

  2. I keep coming back and playing this – I like her song.
    Salamat Toni for your good voice. GOD bless.
    Hope to see you again in ABS-CBN more often like
    before with Wazzup. Miss you na. Sana a movie with Vhong.

  3. This is why it pisses me off when Toni is being compared to anne curtis coz anne could never even come close to Toni’s Talent… in both singing and hosting wise, even not their personalities, Toni’s more reserved and never at all liberated like anne. Anne talks about her faith and God only recently but not when she was with boyfriends after boyfriends and wild parties after parties. Toni’s no comparison to any other artist of her age. Toni’s beautiful inside out.

  4. hi to all. nice song toni i love u kaya tuloy cush na crush kita eh!! i love u take care always ^_^

  5. Gus2 q tlf ung mga song ni toni,lalo n ung we belong.keep up the gud work,ur very lucky ky dnt 4 got mag pslmat sa god

  6. hi toni alam mo bang number one pans mo ako subrang crush talaga kita grabe nakakalalaki ka talaga.. i9 miss you i love you muahhh

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