Tifa Final Fantasy 7 Cosplayer

I’ve just featured Pinay Cristine Reyes as FHM Philippines Cover Girl for August 2007 and now we take a look at some cosplayer babes. Here’s one cosplayer dressed up as Final Fantasy 7’s Tifa Lockheart:


Looks good? More Tifa Cosplay pictures after the jump.

Tifa1.jpg Tifa2.jpg Tifa3.jpg

via Tom.com

Author: Kiven
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16 thoughts on “Tifa Final Fantasy 7 Cosplayer

  1. grabe ang ganda nya…..i want to meet her in person if i was given a chance……UUUUUU

  2. woah!!! at 1st sight I thought this girl was a 3d creation…!! but hell I was wrong!! wow!! suuper pretty… thumbs up little girl!!! don’t get yourself in trouble….

  3. i like your face… i am a fan of final fantasy and i like the way you make life for it..

  4. hello

    my name is jerico

    i am ur biggest fan

    please tell me ur name?

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