ChinaJoy 2007 Babes

ChinaJoy 2007 Babes. The China Digital Entertainment Expo & Conference (ChinaJoy) is meant to strengthen domestic game supervision in China , actively regulate the Chinese market, and rigorously fight against piracy, in order to encourage and support the development and the sales of legal game products

chinajoy07123.jpg chinajoy07129.jpg

chinajoy071242.jpg chinajoy074282.jpg

What is ChinaJoy?

Every year, game companies from Europe , US, Japan , Korea , Mainland China , Taiwan , Hong Kong and Southeast Asia will participate in the show and demonstrate their latest digital interactive entertainment products and technologies. The 2 nd ChinaJoy had an exhibition area of 20,000 square meters and 140 exhibitors, including EA, Sony, Ubi Soft, Korea Game Development & Promotion Institute, Hong Kong Trade Development Council, Wemade, The 9, Shanda, Woncore, NC-Sina, Gamania, Wayi, Optisp, AEC, Netease, Sohu, Soft World, Webstar Square-Enix, Haofun, etc. During 2 nd ChinaJoy, exciting events like 2 nd China Digital Entertainment Forum, 2 nd ChinaJoy Game Technology Conference (ChinaJoy Gtec), 2 nd ChinaJoy Cosplay Carnival and ChinaJoy Game Award had been held in conjunction with the show event. About 700 reporters from 431 media home and abroad attended event. It is a golden opportunity for our professional attendees both home and abroad to exchange their opinions on the present situations and the development of digital entertainment industry in Mainland China .

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