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GAME!, The Philippines’ only Gaming Magazine, goes big time this June with the latest updates and exclusive previews of the upcoming editions of RF Online!

Get ready for an all-out battle with the first online military tactical FPS game in the Philippines, War Rock. Be one of the pioneers of the New World, and know more about character classes in Granado Espada. Enhance your PK skills in Guild Wars. Stay on course with the new visitor’s guide for ROSE Online. Equip your Gunslinger with tips on gunfighting and more in Ragnarok. Discover new gaming features in Khan Online; and go on a shopping frenzy for Supa Supa and Dreamville items.

Know our verdict on Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, Theme Park, Sonic and the Secret Rings, Super Paper Mario, Command and Conquer 3, and Earth Defense Force 2017 in GAME!’s PC and console reviews!

Grab a copy of GAME! Magazine from your favorite newsstands and magazine stores for only PhP 80!

Thanks to Hinge Inquirer’s Poch Bermudez, Adel Gabot, Howard Paw and to Game!’s EA Diane for the trust that they have given to me in the months that i have served as a contributing editor (and writer) and managing editor for Game!’s website at

Author: Kiven
Kiven originally started this blog back in 2004 to document his forays into Half Life 2 and World of Warcraft. Over the years, it has grown to be one of the biggest blogs in the Philippines covering Games, Technology, Social Media and Kiven's new passion: Photography. He can also be found lurking over at Twitter/ Instagram/Pinterest as @Kiven .

3 thoughts on “Game! Magazine – The only online gaming magazine in the Philippines

  1. dear game mag,
    i hope your magazine will be much better next year. I also hope that your mag not only be no.1 on online games but also on offline or console games. And make sure that your reviews and tips are more or many. I like your mag but there is something i want more. more power to your mag and GOD BLESS;;;


  2. hello!! can i also be a part of the crew? i have a computer shop and ps3 rentals. and i have played lots of game and finish it console to online games. wide experience in gaming. i can make rating, comment, and some point to the game. event my strategy how i finish it. you can contact me at my e-mail ty ^_^

  3. Really, where can I buy this? I checked SM Mall of Asia, SM manila, Wellcome Plaza Libertad and Metropoint Edsa but none of them sells this mag. :l 

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