Maureen Larrazabal is FHM Philippines June 2007 Cover Girl

Maureen Larrazabal is FHM Philippines’ June 2007 Cover Girl. Maureen Larrazabal is back in the cover of FHM Magazine and sexier than ever.

Name: Maureen Larrazabal
Nickname: Mau
Birthday: November 30
Birth Place: Manila
Showbiz Anniversary: November 30

Hobbies: Shopping
Sports: Volleyball
Pets: Dogs—Siberian Husky, Chowchow, Akita & 2 Chihuahuas
Movie: Anything light and mushy
TV Show: Lost, Bubble Gang and Lagot Ka
Song: Any fast Christmas song

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Maureen Larrazabal is FHM Philippines June 2007 Cover Girl

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13 thoughts on “Maureen Larrazabal is FHM Philippines June 2007 Cover Girl

  1. Mau, it does not matter what they say ,i still think you’re special and witty. whoever this baho is,i’m sure he or she is a nobody to write such about you. You probably make this person so insecure that hate becomes a defense mechanism. you are sweet mau.Stay that way for us,please….

  2. ang nagsabi n mabaho siya ay di mabaho pero mabantot he he he bakla ka ata bkit ka nagagalit kay maureen. kaya mo ba magpose or kaya mo may kukuha kaya sayo? he he he

  3. ahh yeah nice tits you’re so beautiful.. i really kove your big boobs… it’s making you hot!!!

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