Honey “Lee Ha-nui” Lee – Miss Korea 2007


Honey Lee aka Lee Ha-nui – Miss Korea 2007.

Honey Lee competed in the 50th Miss Korea pageant, wherein she won. She graduated from the Seoul National University after taking up Korean traditional music. The pageant is hosted by The Korea Times. Miss Korea’s interpreter did a poor job by translating her last sentence as: “I wish I had superpowers so that my wallet would never dry up”, while in reality she said “I wish I had superpowers so that my wallet would never dry up, so that I could always keep on helping other people. Many believe the meaning of her answer was indeed dramatically changed, which might have cost her the title, she could have taken it all.

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* Lee plays the gayageum, a Korean zither-like musical instrument.
* Lee has always wanted to be engaged in missionary work, which she emphasized in her answer to her final question.
* Lee ended Korea’s nineteen-year drought, which was 1988. Coincidentally, both delegates made it into the Top 5, with only the previous placer, Yunchung Chong, winning 1st runner-up
* For all the contestant’s entrance (in the Miss Universe 2007) wearing their national costumes, Lee wore the female hanbok (the national costume of her country) reminiscent of the style of the recent 2006 KBS drama Hwang Jin-i. She was also carrying a janggu with her when she wore her costume.
* When she was asked what superpower would she wish to possess, she answered that she would wish for a wallet that never runs out of money in order to support her desire to participate in missionary work.

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15 thoughts on “Honey “Lee Ha-nui” Lee – Miss Korea 2007

  1. Ouch…Really thought that she deserved better then 3rd runners up..At least the first runners up..

  2. for me, she is the most beautiful girl in that show.. “2007 miss universe”!!! honey lee deserves the crown of being the 2007 miss universe but i know even without the crown she will still be the most beautiful in the universe.. hehe! hi miss honey lee.. :p

  3. i agree usa and japan should not have even been in the top five and maybe even venezuela

  4. Honey’s answer was misinterpeted by a translator who couldn’t speak a lick of english. They gave it to MissJapan coz the pageant “robbed” Japan of a title last year. But this year Miss Korea got robbed!!!! Its all politics….Aja Fighting – Honey!

  5. I was really fascinated on her beauty as she appeared in the Miss Universe pageant. Shes really my bet for the crown. Thuogh she never get the coveted award but still I congratulated her for she is indeed one of the most beautiful in the world.

  6. i thought she would of won … shes soo pretty out of all oh them .
    Japan shouldn’t have gotten the crown :@
    Honey lee should of got it :@

  7. She’s my fave!

    Sad she didn’t come as Miss U. T_T

    Anywayz, she’s still my fave!!!

    I HOPE she’s still SINGLE…. NYAHAHAHAHA!!!

    Wait for me when I come to Korea, Ms. Lee! ^_^V

  8. I’m so sad coz honey lee did not won the title Miss Universe 2007 Honey Lee is more Beautiful than Riyo Mori and Miss Philippines is ver beautiful than Miss Japan I wish Miss Philippines got the 1st runner up only!!!and Miss Estonia win the 2nd Runner Up and 3rd Runner up is Miss Indonesia and the 4th runner up is Miss USA

  9. Honey Lee is pretty but she is DUMB, Miss Japan got it all! she deserved the crown… If Honey Lee join Miss no brain, SHE DEFINATELY will win… LOL ^_^

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