Jamilla Obispo is FHM Philippines’ May 2007 Cover Babe


Jamilla Obispo is the cover girl for the latest FHM Philippines issue May 2007. A former Pinoy Big Brother Teen Housemate, Jamilla (Jamilla Natalie) has previously graced the inside pages of the magazine.


more pics after the jump.



Author: Kiven
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18 thoughts on “Jamilla Obispo is FHM Philippines’ May 2007 Cover Babe

  1. “jamilla” means beautiful in arabic world it is really proven how pretty, gorgeous and sexy are you. you’re amazing…. i love you so much!

  2. she’s really hot. She really doesn’t look like she had given birth. Hot mama ha!

  3. Hanep ka talaga Jamilla, kahit pa may anak ka, napaka sexy at napaka ganda mo parin… Sigurado akong mauubos ang katas ko sayo pero di mauubos ang libog ko…

  4. a quite but seductive…no wonder why she’s got a baby at her early age….well that’s life after all…now she’s on the limelight….keep it up “Jamilla”

  5. gosh..she’s really beautiful even if you knew what is here status..i will really doe evrything to be with you!

  6. dapat di na sya nag papakita ng katawan mahiya naman sana sya sa anak nya! mother na sya

  7. may anak na cya, kaya naman pala khit maghubad di na talaga mahihiya no. Ciempre nanganak na eh pera pera lang naman yan eh hehehe

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