Century Tuna Superbods

I cant believe i’m posting about Century Tuna and ….Babes? Here are some of the sexy ladies strutting their stuff via Century Tuna’s Model Search.

Join the search for the next Century Tuna Image Models.
If you think you’ve got what it takes to win a P500,000 modeling contract from Century Tuna, join the walk-in go-see on April 28, 2007 at the Century Superbods Beach Fest in Pier 1, Boracay from 10am to 3pm.


Who do you think will win it all this year?

Dominique Dabao aka Nikki
Vital Stats:
Bust:34 Waist:25 Hips:36
17 years old
Bacolod City
Track & Field Team member, enjoys swimming, dreams to be a rock star.

Joyce So
Vital Stats:
Bust:33 Waist:25 Hips:35
22 years old
Makati City
ABS-CBN Starmagic contract artist

Jamie Diago
Vital Stats:
Bust:30 Waist:23.5 Hips:34
18 years old
Las Pinas City
Enjoys boxing, rock music lover, wants to become an archeologist, full-time model-actress, loves travelling and adventure sports, Mossimo Bikini Summit Winner 2006

Patricia Ortega
Vital Stats:
Bust:33 Waist:25 Hips:35
23 years old
Mandaluyong City
Consistent dean’s lister, commercial/print ad model

Lotus Van Heddegem
Vital Stats:
Bust:34 Waist:24 Hips:34
19 years old
Manila City
Mutya ng Pilipinas finalist, enjoys badminton & swimming

More here. Requires registration though.

Author: Kiven
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43 thoughts on “Century Tuna Superbods

  1. Dominique Dabao aka Nikki

    Darn I just had to post a comment. The girl is so beautiful I hope she goes out and wins this. I do not know if this is a daughter of Ming Dabao who came from that area. Meztizo and used to work for a time at San Miguel Corp. If he’s the dad of this pretty lass best wishes I knew him well. I was with personnel at MPPP he’d know if he read up on me.

  2. ei guys…anong walang maganda?! come on! look closer at may cousin, kay PATrRICIA ORTEGA!!! check out her pics and you’ll see she’s a real beauty…matalino pa! san pa kayo! vote for her! and vote for Raph Kiefer, bf ni patty who is also in the search…thanks!

  3. my choice is Lotus Van Heddegem aside for having a perfect body. she looks pretty & gorgeous. i hope she’ll make it…. goodluck and best wishes… =)

  4. beach bum

    clearly, jamie diago will be a runaway winner!!! superb figure and angelic face!!! panalo na yan…

  5. hey, cnu may sabing walang maganda. c joyce so lang ang maganda dyan. dba kyo marunung tumingin.

  6. nako, antipatika yang si jamie diago!!! bute nga hindi nanalo.

    super pretty sila patty ortega,mica tuano (champion and 1st runner-up)

    chaka si joyce so. yeah ang ganda niya din.

  7. hoy nyark!? hindi mo kilala si jamie diago! napakabait niyan at sooobrang ganda! hindi katulad ni patty at mica matatanda na kaya kelangan nila ng projects! and excuse me. si jamie diago ang nakakuha ng peoples choice award! WALANG MAGANDA! SI JAMIE DIAGO LANG! AT SIYA ANG NASA BORACAY.COM! GAGO KA NYARK!

  8. Jamie Diago yes! she is pretty! and her skin is nice! but her FACE LIKE THAT IS COMMON and ang DAming mukhang ganyan eeh??? at isa pa maputi lang kasi siya… NO EXCOTIC BEAUTY IN HER ACTUALY!!! a boring face to look at!!!I LIKE PATRICA ORTEGA ganda and A VERY SMART GIRL and deans lister pa!!!!!!!!! WALA SI JAMIE KAY ORNUSA CADNESS why dont you check out ornusa cadness?????

  9. Jamie Diago, one hell of a girl. i know her personally, and that makes me lucky. she may not have won, it doesnt matter, she brought it to boracay, and really made boracay hotter than ever, she’s a rising star, and she’s gonna be a pro model in the future.

  10. i would rather be with an angelic face like jamie diago than patty ortega. i dont like exotic! nakakatakot. oh and i already met patty ortega. i dont like the attitude… MAYABANG!

  11. I know Jamie Diago personally and i am lucky because of that. you people are entitled to your own opinions but make sure about what you say before you say it. She may not have won the competition but a lot of the people there complained about it, coz we all know she was the best of the contestants. Whats important is that she did her best and she made boracay much hotter. Jamie diago is an angel in disguise, and if you know her as much as me, you will agree with everything i said and will surely fall for her.

  12. bUm, u got it right, people make up stories and try to hurt another person’s emotions or reputation because those people are insecure and envious of the other. what else can they do? make up stories and false accusations nalang! Ãœ

  13. yuck yea that jamie diago looks so ordinary.. pat ortega has every right to be mayabang, is it a crime to be mayabang? i know pat personally and she’s not to the people she personally knows.. and she’s very sweet and exotics are hot they are internationally hot unlike an ordinary face that could only be considered hot by asian people. and she’s not really mayabang.. but maybe to people who are not in her circle.. people perhaps like you? maybe she’s mayabang to you cause your social status is lower than hers.. which is not bad.. being an elitist is not bad i guess bad if you’re not of the elites

  14. and eventhough pretty talaga si jamie diago.. hindi yan ang considered beautiful sa runway world.. siguro sa philippines lang.. kasi pag international runway..dapat may strong feature ka kahit mukha ka pang babalu.. or mukhang witch cause of your long nose.. mas impt yun.. unlike pa simple pretty face.. nde papasa.. and her style sucks.. if you like supermodels.. naku pat ortega’s crowd is the one to look at.. yea ornusa cadness and the gang.. and duh.. 30 is not even considered old to the world in general..


  16. there’s a line that says “tell me who your friends are, and ill tell you who you are”… guess it shows patty ortega’s personality through her “circle”, that is, with you in it ms. stranger chic. and what? social status? what an elitist! and you feel like you are higher than those of here eh? better think again… you comment like you know what people look for in an international model, are you an international model yourself? and theres nothing exotic about patty ortega. she’s just a plain filipina, she said it herself. nothin exotic when you are a local yourself and the people around you are locals as well.

  17. sino ang may anak na? for sure hindi si jamie diago! kasi ang sexy niya! baka si ortega ang may anak na! ang laki laki ng pusod niya kadiri!!!

  18. babykiller ask mo si stranger chic, sure ako na alam nya kung sino ang may anak na… dba stranger chic? sabi mo kilala mo sya eh.

  19. jamie diago for me..she’s, to put things straight, beautiful, angelic and flawless..wonder why there’re girls hir saying that she’s panget and that patty ortega is more gorgeous..hndi nman ahh..infact jamie’s the prettiest on list..patty would be…………at the bottom..hehe there’s nothing really attractive about her..

  20. there’s no way na si jamie ang may anak… hello?! look at her body! she is slim and she is very young which is good! she is really the favorite of the crowd! and patty ortega? i don’t know… all i can say is FAT!

  21. Lol. Wow… you people are so inclined to making judgments about people you don’t know. They way you judge people? Tsk, tsk… How very sad that you THINK you know Patricia Ortega when you don’t know zilch about her. You people make hasty generalizations and if you know what that is, then you know it’s a fallacy (meaning your conclusions are biased and/or unreliable). I’m not sure how you guys came to the conclusion that Patty is mataray when you’ve only encountered her once, twice or thrice. I mean, really, you guys haven’t even talked to her personally and you make these judgments. Apart from that, the only things you know about her are those from the contest. Also, you guys base the contest on the looks. People, the competition was also about attitude and intelligence. Patty couldn’t have won that contest if she was mataray or dumb. Plus, she’s a Christian. She teaches street kids in their local church and is a leader of one of their church’s ministry. She’s a good girl. She’s religious, smart, nice, she’s got a great body (which I’m sure a majority of us sadly don’t have, including me) and if that isn’t enough for her to win, I don’t know what is. Sorry, guys, but a lot of you are being mean to her. Peace, though. :)

  22. jamie luks innocent yet patricia wil get take it all.whats the use of beauty if the brain is empty ryt?! kip it up..

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