Ariani Nogueira is T3 Philippines April 2007 Cover Girl



Check out Ariani Nogueira FHM Philippines Cover

Ariani Nogueira is T3 Philippines’ April 2007 magazine cover girl. More information on this pretty lass very soon.

Photograph by Paolo Pineda. Via T3.

Author: Kiven
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23 thoughts on “Ariani Nogueira is T3 Philippines April 2007 Cover Girl

  1. She was my classmate in Brazil, this pretty and desire here much happiness for it!

  2. ei doug, seriously man, she was yoru classmate? any more info bout her? she staying here for good? fil blood?

  3. she so hot.. i saw her shot in T3, its was so beautifull and HOT HOT HOT.
    Hey guys do you know anylink were i can get her wall papaer or her pics, i would like her to put her as my desktop.

  4. I saw her Aug 25.
    Becuz I was visiting the GMA (Eat Bulaga)
    I thought she was really pretty, and they say she’s half filipina or something like that, but i find it hard 2 believe.
    I’m also on a pic with her, she was really nice. Only her english kinda SUCKED !

  5. Haaay,. Dis room had many idiots posting comments.. Mga dude.. Compiled Article lng poh ito,. Dry brains!..

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