Joyce Jimenez as Manual Philippines March 2007 Magazine Cover Girl


Shes back? Joyce Jimenez as Manual Philippines March 2007 Magazine Cover Girl.

The first time i saw a movie of Joyce Jimenez was in the dim halls of the UP Diliman Theater. Scorpio Nights 2. Fun times. Great times.

Manual discovers the sexiest part of Joyce Jimenez.
After completing her bachelor’s degree in Australia, she’s back in town to take care of Private Joyce, a women’s apparel brand called a companion product and fragrance line.

via wikipedia:

Joyce Jiménez was born in Los Angeles, California to Filipino migrant parents. Her real name is Joyce Herrín Reintegrado. Jiménez grew up in the Los Ángeles area where she studied at Bishop Amat High School in La Puente, California. She was accepted to UCLA but decided to forgo schooling to come to the Philippines, but recently she finished a college degree in a university in Australia.

In 1996, Jiménez participated in the Miss Philippines-Hollywood pageant. Although she did not win the title, she did win the Miss Photogenic title. She got her break when one of the judges of the pageant was also a movie talent manager who asked Jiménez to get in touch with her if she ever came to the Philippines which Jiménez did in 1997. Since 1997, Jiménez has starred in over 20 movies, most of which involved nudity. Though she is a popular actress in the Philippines, her critics are quick to point out that her overt sexuality in her movies is what makes her prominent and not necessarily her acting ability.

Jiménez started to venture out from films and into business. She owns Skin-Private Joyce, which specializes in bath and beauty products. She also opened a lingerie line called Private Joyce.

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  1. hmmmm…well she’s nice at ndi suplada….i met her last year at the airport….and in both plane to catch going to Dubai….me: “are you Joyce Jimenez>” JJ: “Yes sir”….”NAPAKAGALANG”….sana ganyan din ang mga ibang cover girls pag na meet natin….MABUHAY KA JJ

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