Sus Guinoo! Roxanne Guinoo in Maxim Philippines or FHM Philippines?


After a revealing billboard on the biggest stretch of traffic…err road cement in the Metro for White Castle, Star Circle Member Roxanne Guinoo is reportedly being wooed to pose for either Maxim Philippines or FHM Philippines? Kaninong kampo kaya sya? Kina Angelica Panganiban, Michelle Madrigal at Jennylyn Mercado? or Iwa Moto at Francine Prieto? Stay tuned.





roxanne_guinoo1.jpg roxanne_guinoo2.jpg

Author: Kiven
Kiven originally started this blog back in 2004 to document his forays into Half Life 2 and World of Warcraft. Over the years, it has grown to be one of the biggest blogs in the Philippines covering Games, Technology, Social Media and Kiven's new passion: Photography. He can also be found lurking over at Twitter/ Instagram/Pinterest as @Kiven .

122 thoughts on “Sus Guinoo! Roxanne Guinoo in Maxim Philippines or FHM Philippines?

  1. hi, if somebody has a picture of Roxanne in her White Castle ad… pa-send naman please. she’s a real hottie in that ad… bagay na bagay sa kanya

  2. it’s official. roxanne guinoo will be the cover babe for FHM Philippine’s February 2007 issue. WATCH OUT!

  3. I am very outraged that people want to oogle over boobies! Boobies are there to provide milk to infants and not for men to get exited over. We are not like flowers that should be looked at. We need to cover ourselves up. I hope women like my views. I love you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. nice billboard roxanne! you got me there! NO MALICE…HEHEHE very charming and sexy babe! hope to see you!

  5. I rily lyk roxanne bcuz aside from being pretty & sexy she is a down to earth person…. Gudluck in ur career!!!

  6. it’s official. roxanne guinoo will be the cover babe for MAXIM Philippine’s March 2007 issue. WATCH OUT! TOTOO NA TO!


  8. She’s too damn pale. She needs some sun on her skin or a tan. Where are the real beautiful filipinas out there who are kayumanggi… katulad ni Miriam Quimbao. Roxanne is not hot at all! Maliit ang boobs…masyadong maputi ( very pale ) Geez…open yer eyes….she aint that good looking…makes me wanna throw up. good luck na lang you piece of white meat wannabe. =P

  9. This message is for you Beeatch,

    You’re just jealous coz you’re not as pretty as Roxanne. Roxanne is also a human being just like us.
    So what if she wants to be on the Cover Girl? What’s
    your problem? I’m not a fan of Roxanne but what you
    said to her is really annoying. I think you’re insecure.
    You said it makes you throw up. Go ahead, and I hope you
    go to hell and get a life!!!!!! You idiot!!!!!!

  10. for my eyes she’s not that hot.her leg is too skinny and her boobies is too small also.

    masyado maputi parang ghost. siguro marami siyang pera ginastos para lang pumuti ang skin niya.

  11. hey roxanne…your so beautiful…your my idol gurl.

    id like to see you in person..

    stay cool..your a good artist ever..lav yah

  12. hi!roxanne i am ur no.1 fans d2 sa cagayan alam mo ang galing mo wag kang bibitiw kaya mo yan ckat ka na talaga dahil my new show ka na ngayun sa wowowee galingan mo hahaha

  13. hi roxanne,,, bagay ka dyan sa wowowee,,, ang galing mo,,,ano pa hahanapin nila??? sexy at ang ganda na… ngatz lagi,,, GOd Speed!!!

  14. Hi roxanne

    Ur so pretty and sexy at hindi salamat doc.
    Sana u will remain wholesome kahit medyu nagpapasexy kana.
    Marami ka fans d2 sa US, I am one of them heeeeeeeeee….
    Super pretty mo talaga.
    Keep up the good work, hinay hinay lang.
    And always be down to earth, dayn naman tayu tatagal if marunong kang makisama at wag lalaki ang ulo.

    God bless u

  15. To Beeatch

    What is wrong with you, ang gulo talaga if ur so white maraming na iingit, if ur so ma itim maraming ayaw.
    It is not ur problem if she’s white and if she did sometiing to get white she did’nt ask anything from you, so shut up and get lost.

  16. To jaja

    Anung trying hard????
    She did not volunteer to be the model of WC 69, get it?!
    She has the talent ok…siya ang napili dahil, maganda syang talaga, hindi trying hard

  17. hi rox. alam mo ang dami-dami mo fan dito sa saudi arabia tuwang tuwa ang mga tfc subsc palaging inaabangan ang wowoweeeeeee bagay na bagay ka sa show, galingan mo pa ha? we support u, just stay cool and natural, enjoy ka lang haaaa…….

  18. Talk about Casper the pasty ghost–Roxanne. Be proud of your browness. Stop being so shallow and wannabe puti. Puti people are actually reddish pink. Only albinos and snow are truly white. So tired of flippers trying to whiten themselves. I’m proud…I’m loud …and I’m brown. god gave me my skin tone and why should i change it and why discriminate against people who are itim/brown. So step off!!!!!

  19. whoooooooo!!!
    hanep super ganda, crush na crush kta!!
    roxanne send ur picture in mu yahoo.
    this is my cp no.# 09217957826.

  20. gud day to u ms. roxanne,
    just saw u at wowowe, u look great as usual.
    -eyes that lightens up every crowd in the studio.
    -smile that makes every float way up high from their seats.
    -hair so shiny, it makes us wear sunglasses.
    -nice try cancing aalog-alog.hehe u look cute.hehehe
    anywayz. . .keep up the fantastic work. your the perfect co-host to the perfect pangmasa host-kuya willie. GOOD LUCK and KAKALOG_KALOG!hahahaha

  21. Roxanne, we like you, we always watch everyday sa wowowee. You are young, do not be afraid to do what you want to do, kasi if you get old, wala ng kukuha sa iyo, so go for it. Anyway its just a pose….

  22. good am roxanne i like when i meet you in you authograph signing last march 15 2007, thanks nga pala for signing all my magazine your so beatifull and a very humble person love lots carlo@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

  23. now here it is…..we have seen roxanne and angelica….so who’s the best? …. for me they are both beautiful but i prefer roxanne coz she’s not fake…go go go roxanne you have more lots to show

  24. Hi roxanne!You know your beautiful!Wish you all best and success.I know that it your choice to get to the top.Be carefull to the people you do not know better or around you.Dot forget to prayer ,let the up be the center of ur life.My commet is your so pretty.You are the i deal woman who most guys wats.God bless!

  25. ei bakit kayo sobrang makareact.. maganda naman yong mga pix ni roxanne. sexy naman xa doon at di mukhang bastusin..!
    mukha namang walang binawasan o dinagdagan doon sa mga pix nya noh!!!!!!!!
    keep it up Roxanne…..!

  26. hi roxanne, khit ano pa ng sbihin ng mga taong inggitero wag mo silang pansini. just do your thing. hope that you’ll have more projects to come like soap opera. you and jake cuenca. you two look great. gud luck n ur career and don’t rush…. god bless you and may the lord always guide. don’t forget to always pray and thank him… ur fan from baguio……….


  28. to all na naiinggit kay roxanne…
    kung wala kayong masabing matino?
    kung wala kayong maisip na maganda na makaka pag bibigay saya sa isip ng iba..
    tikom nyo bibig nyo…
    kung i-compare ang mga pangit nyong pagmumukha kay roxanne..SURE!!!! TALBOG KAYO…
    she`s sexy..and she`s beautiful.. incomparison sa inyu mga critics na mga fanget!!!
    she`s beautifull and she`s got the right to show it..
    show nyo nga kapangitan nyo!!!

  29. cia, kaiinggitan??? bakit?? sa totoo lang kami mga nkakapanood ang dapat may karapatang magsabi nito alangan namang cia, natural pupurihin nya sarili nya, gaya mo james kc ikaw din yan eh Roxanne! kunwari kapa nagkocomment maganda pero if i know ikaw lahat halos nagsulat nyan. haha!
    pabawasan mo nga ulo mo tsaka mukha gaya ng sinasabi nila kc ang lki talaga lalo na sa tv, kaibahan yang mukha mo, kalakihan sa lahat. guys, everybody, can’t u notice it? diba laki at square naman talaga ng mukha nya tapos laki ng bewang pa! laki ng balikat at leeg ay parang lalaki malaki din! naku po! ang sagwa mo roxanne.

  30. don’t you know that she is very very gorgeous? those who made disgusting comments are just so insecure cause noone can be like ROXANNE…. she’s one of my choices as ever-living beauty… can’t you see with her expressive eyes? she’s very very gorgeous and a head turner as well…. i dont wanna hear a bad comment from anybody there… coz before you do it, examine yourself first..

    to roxanne guinoo: your very beautiful and believe in yourself.. they choose you to be a covergirl coz they know you deserve that… they choose you to be a co-host becoz they see ur subtle beauty and talent that everyone could admire at and the other women could be jealous of… your superblt beautiful and i love you so much sine in your SCQ years…. gud luck..

  31. if i were to choose between angelica and roxanne?

    i would rather choose roxanne for her genuine beauty… angelica for sure nagpapa lipo yan coz she never dare to wear two piece infront of the camera…. we can only see angelica in sexy attire in a finished material already like calendar or etc…. in ASAP, she’s like a preggy girl coz she never wear two-piece… if angelica is really sexy, then, she has the guts to wear sexy attire in public much of the cam

  32. Hay naku Roxanne, tama ng pagpuri mo sa sarili mo. Ang sipag mo naman magtype ng mga ilalagay dito. Eh halos puro ikaw to eh, ginamit mo lang iba ibang names. Ahihi. To talagang baduy na kahawig ni Mahal na ito. Pati c Mura kamukha mo rin. Tsaka pabawasan mo naman kay Belo ang balikat mo. Bakit? Di na kaya bawasan? Ahihi. Hindi sexy tingnan ang balikat mo eh. Pati leeg.
    Pag nagtagal pala ang pagkilatis sayo ang dami mong deperensya sa katawan mo. Ang lapad lapad kagaya ng mukha mo. Bakit ang laki ng mukha mo tapos nagpagupit ka nga wala naman pinagbago, malaki parin ulo mo tingnan. Hay naku Roxanne, ang dami mong kapintasan. tsaka labi o lalo na pag di nakangiti ay parang binaliktad na saging. Binti mo baliko, bakit ganun??? Pangahin. Laki Ulo at Mukha. Hirap eBelo yan.

  33. hoy mga inggetera! hindi naman nagpa-lipo si roxanne noh?!

    Go Roxanne! loves ka namain dito in Australia!

  34. Australia? Ahahaha, ah oo, Australia kuno. Dami mong pakunwari Roxanne. Minsan sabihin mo pa, U.S.A., Canada. Ahahaha. Kagaguhan mo Rox, sa tingin mo may nakakakilala sayo abroad? Eh d2 nga lang Pinas dehins ka pumatok kung di kapa naghubad dika mapapansin ng panandalian. Tanga nito, niloloko sarili nya.

  35. Yup she is pretty. But she seems “spaced out” during her shows. Apparently, there is not enough grey matter above the pretty face.

  36. your so very pretty inside and out, nag-iimprove ka sa lahat lahat-specially sa dancing…just stay humble at wag lalaki ulo…loves ka namin d2 sa cali…

  37. cali kuno.. galing mo magpanggap rox! Wag lalaki ulo, eh ang laki laki nga ng ulo eh physically not proportion to her malapag katawan, sabagay dabyana naman sya na hindi maunderstand figure. malapad na mataba pero am papayat galamay at binti din tapos baliko lagi pinagdidikit tuhod halatang halata para di makita pagkabaliko sa tv. cali daw oh….. haha! you’re so big head and wide body mo nga tama sila eh.

  38. ay nko kng cno man kayong galit kay rox im sure panget nio inggit kayo hahaha kawawa naman kayo…c rox napupuri ng marami e kayo sus guinoo….magdasal nlng kayo para mawala mmga kasalanan nio…mga bakla…basta maganda sexy c rox e kayo mga bakulaw hahahaha

  39. papuring kaplastikan, alam naman nya mga kapintasan nya eh, kita naman pag nanalamin sya..

  40. roxanne is not beautiful, baka handsome kase mukha syang lalaki. and she is not smart, ang bobo nya sumagot at walang alam maghost at tatanga-tanga natataranta at takbo ng takbo sa wowowie.

  41. tama ka andrea grabeh mga alipores ni roxane o c roxane din ang pumupuri s kanya,TRYING HARRRRRRRRRRRD, grbeh anlapad ng panga mas madaming seksi jan n iba noh.
    Roxanne gumising ka!!!!!!!kapal

  42. hoy carlo aquino kuno, tanga kaba? ang lapad at laki tyan nyang pinagtatanggol mo uy. Laki ng mukha at mukhang katulong lang yan na nagpaputi ng balat. maraming sexy na hindi artista sa kanya, napakatanga mo naman, wala ngan korte yan kahit anong liyad pa ang gawin, as in todo liyad na talaga ay wala kakorte korte na lumalabas, hirapan na nga ata cameraman man kakahanap ng ikagaganda ng angle nya at lapad lapad nya talaga. Tang mo Carlo, wala kang taste.

  43. subukan mo pang magpanggap na si justine ka Roxanne.. Tangang to! Si Angelica ay wlang kinalaman sayo ok? Ikaw ang dapat hatulan dito kc column mo to kuno.. ang kalaparan mo ang intindihin mo gagah!

  44. sa mga nagco-comment ng panget s totoong maganda is INSECURE!
    to ms. roxanne guinoo im 1 of ur fans here in cayman islands s lhat ng d nniniwl i can giv u my number but confidentially through ur email add nlng..o u wanna try?! nevermind bk manghinyang lng kyo s LDC =p

  45. mga naiinggit kay roxann..!!! stop niyo na yan. wala ring katuturan. dahil di hamak namang wala kayong K compared sa kanya.. mga pangettt,, insecures……!!!!!!!!!
    go roxann….. !!!!!!

  46. hoy!don kay jassy’ng haliparot~!alam mo napaka hitad mo!!!! bkit ba ha! at alm mo cguro wala k pinag aralan lakas ng loob mong mananga ky roxanne…
    sa palagay ko at cgurado aq INGGIT NA INGIT KA KY ROXANNE KC IKAW walang K magshow ng katawan,,,,,,,
    go roxanne….!!!!! alm mo nmn cguro n mgnda k tlga at sexy…,wag u intndhn ung mga inggit jn na kung magsalita ay napapaghalatang mga insecure lng…..
    god bless and good luck………

  47. haaaaay nako ako nalang ang pansinin nyo!!!!!! hahahahahahaha….. mga bading kayo! hahahahahahahahaha

  48. hi everybody!

    i want to explain for the people what say…”roxanne is fat” something like that. No, she isn’t fat. she has pretty and normal body, i know what i say…i’m a model in europe (i’m filippina/swiss) specially in switzerland and i think she can become a model in europe (i don’t know her weight) specially in spain and in italy… because you should not be too thin like an anorexic
    you will not be able to put the feet on podiums if you are always too thin. she has a really great body. if not she has a splendid face, a wonderful face.
    I am an admiror of what she does and of which she is. i wish for her a long career and a lucky and happy life.

  49. wow shes so hot and pretty i really love hr she’s so simple she’s like an angel too. i really felt bad if someone tried to make sira her…hope marami pa xang move and segment sa ABs..tnx

  50. ROXY she the most new prettier n sexy body in phil showbiz,
    she not only hav pretty face nd sexy body she smart nd she talented also.
    she natural and she simply d best.
    to huh?saying luk alike ny s mahal nd mura?
    helooooooooooo!malabo b mga mata u? pr hnd mkita face nroxy s face ng pnhahawig u to her?u such a crazy idiot to say that to roxy!
    ang layo ng cnsbi u noh. ayaw m lng aminin n look alike ny ay c charlene gonzales lol.png miss universe! ho hirit kp jn imao!!!

  51. yung katawan nya ay parang sa may asawa na. model from europe kuno, kaw lang yan roxnne pinupuri mo sarili mo para kunwari maraming nagandahan sayo. lapad ng mukha mo parang planggana, pano ka maging model. yung katawan mo tam sila, kahit anong liyad walang lumalabas na curve. your neck is so pangit. ang tigas pa ng bewang mo sumayaw asing tigas ng mukha mo tingnan hahahaha! AND HINDI MAALIS-ALIS SAYO TO, YOU ARE SO BADUUUYYY!!!!

  52. y ba kyo nag aaway away.? opinion to noh! f tingin nyo panget sya or maganda,its up 2 u. at existing aq noh.. & d aq c rox, im sure.. im jz seing her in tv and i lyk her.. period..

  53. i have read all the good @ bad comments about roxanne,we have a freedom to speak but not to the point na makakasakit tayo ng kapwa natin kc lahat naman tayo may pakiramdam hindi tayo bato so if anybody tells u bad words what would u feel?masakit d ba?so,kung wala namang magandang mailalabas ang inyong mga bibig itikom nyo na lang kc nakakadagdag pa yan s mga kasalanan nyo,sabagay sa panahon ngayon mas marami ang masama kesa mabuti. and for you lol,your name suits you… and pls baka sabihin nyo c roxanne aq,HINDI PO! here’s my yahoo mail ad i’m from legazpi city albay. and by the way lol, i like u! email mo ako ha? lets be friends ok?… mga nagko comments kay roxanne ng mabuti,good for you guys at sa mga hindi,good for all of you pa rin kc kayo yan eh,opinion nyo yan!

  54. hi rox! u’r such a beautiful person inside and out. Don’t mind ur critics.. they won’t bring u any good.

    dati di ko kilala if sino ba si rox lagi lang xa kinukuwento ng friend ko, till she appointed u when u’r in tv. kea un and ‘r so pretty talaga… even if di ka maputi…

    for those critics of rox.. get lost! if u don’t like her, just shut up! di nya nmn kayo pinapakialamanan kea u should not say any harmful things to her… wag ganun… wala nmn xa ginawang masama sa inyo eh…

    im not a big fan of her.. just don’t like the way u criticize her…

  55. dear mga insecurities:

    KNOW wat??? wlA TLGA KAUNG taste?????????wen we say..prety, hot, sexy…my answer is only this person.. Ms. ROXANNE GUINOO…okkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk……..wahahaha!!!mamatay kau sa ingt..

  56. mga gaga panay nalang kayung hanga sa iba yung sarili nalang ang hangaan nyo!!!! wag na yung iba labakayung bilib sa sarili nyo……..

  57. wag kamag ala2 kc idol kita kahit anu pa mga sabihin nila…mas idol kita kesa ke sandara lumaki agad ulo…god bless!!

  58. hi ate roxanne sana mkta kta sa personal idol kc kta……ur so pretty……and bait mo pa….take care always ….and god bless

  59. Hello! Roxanne, sana huwag ka lng magbabago kasi kaw ang isa sa nakikita ko ngayon na sumisikat na hindi pa lumalaki ang ulo. tke cre!

  60. hay rox.. grabe taas ng rating ng nbad.. bagay na bagay kau ni jake! pang cover girl ka don ka nararapat… hehehe

  61. ………..hi! rox, nakakkilg tlaga kayo ni jake bagy na bgay kayo..!

    >….sa mga naninira ky roxanne, tmaan sna kayo ng kidlat wala na ba kayong magawa at naninira nlang kayo sa kpwa nyo.

    ingit na ingit kayo cguro sa knaya noh..

    DAMN U ALL…………..!!! ANG kakapal ng mukha nyong mag.comment ng ganyan..

    my Rigyth nga kayong mgcpmmanty ng ganyan sana isipin nyo muna kong nakaksk8 ba oh hindi………

    karmahin sana kau…

    mga buang kamo..hahahah

  62. ate roxanne is very very prety nice and swet girl i really really like ate roxanne i love you ate roxanne take care always god bless u muahhhhh

    from ur no1 fans Jovelyn Sanson thnx sana i-email nyo poh ako eto poh email ko thnx

  63. well….all i can say is super ensecure lng yang mga yan kc ang idol nla eh hndi kasing sikat at gnda n roxanne..Roxanne is the Best khit new lng xa mga ng nrating.goodluck roxanne!!!!im ur fan from pasig

  64. hey roxanne…….. ang ganda muh tlga…….. i love so much….
    bagay mi\uh ang maraming billboard…… sana
    malyu pa ang mararating ng career muh… i love so much

  65. fan tlga q ni roxanne..she’s very pretty and she seems to be nice..jake and roxanne look good together, i hope ndi pa tlga cla brk8..
    ndi nman bgay si bangs and jake noh!
    di hamak na roxanne is prettier than ba yan?
    badtrip tlg if ndi cla roxanne ang jake ang i pair…

  66. nkkainis tlga c jake……manggagamit kawawa nman c roxanne sna mging msya na cya at klimutan na c jake wlang kwentana tao tlaga…………grrrrrrrrrrr………khit gnun ang nngyri idol parin kta roxanne…keep up the good work………cheer upppppppppp…………love yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  67. hi ROXANNE ur d BEST tlaga at ur so BEAUTIFUL hop hindi lumaki ang ulo mo dhil skat n skat k n ngaun!!! sna magkabalikan kau n JAKE s PRIMETIME TELEVISION IM SURE HIT N HIT UN AT S BIG SCREEN DN!

  68. mare…!!!!!!roxane,mgaling din kpala sa axion….buti nlang kaw ang npili,tmang tama suave s amin…gud luck god bless……!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  69. Hello Roxanne!!

    Ang GANDA mo talaga!!!!!! . simula nang dumating ka sa shobiz idol na idol talaga kita ang ganda2 mo. Bagay talaga kayo ni jake!!!!. . Hope to see you in person!!!. . Ang galing2 mo sa PALOS!!!!. .

  70. hello roxanne! im one of the jaxannians addicted nako s inyo ni jakenag comment nko b4 take care!

    hope that you will have more showa together and movies to come i can’t wait to see you both s big screen…

    i hope i’ll get the chance to meet you…keep up the good work!

  71. for me u r d #1 sexxiest women here in our country…..
    npakganda mo…..
    ta2ngkilikin nmin ung ligaw na bulak2 mo……
    npakbait mo dn….
    sna 2loy2 na ung sucessful career mo…

  72. to JHONNY,

    kya nga for PUBLICITY db.? mppansin b c Roxy kng d tlga xa mgnda.?
    duh get lost mgnda tlga xa, tska mputi xa kz my dugo xang foreigner…

    step out of here.. wla kng mggwa kng xa ang nkta ng company,

    kng mgcriticize k talo mo p ang mga critics ng mundong ito..

    i am not a # 1 fan of roxy pero mbbnta tlga xa.!!! kz mgnda tlga xa, wla png RETOKE… hahahahah, insecure k lng cgro sa knya.=]

    natural xa inside or out..

  73. hahahahah kakaloka ginawa mo rox!!!!!!!!!!
    nagulat ako promise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  75. hello syang nman dhil nagbreak kau ni JAKE. gus2 ko panaman kaung dalawa. sna makagawa kau ng movie…

  76. h! roxanne………super bongacious talaga ang kagandahan mo…hayaan mo yang nga taong sumisira sayo…bsta tandaan mo…andito lng kaming mga fans mo…goodluch..muaaahh…………..

  77. : haii roxanne lahm mu bua idol nua idol qkiita ..
    : xana mkiita qkiita iinpersxon ..
    : kiip up dha gud work ..
    : sxna magkaroon qkah pah nuang more project !!
    : sxna mgiing hosxt cah uyet sxa wowowee ..
    : yabk yea …

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