FHM Philippines February 2007 Cover Girl: Gaby Dela Merced


F3 Driver Gaby Dela Merced is FHM Philippines’ Cover girl for February Philippines. She might not be earning money driving F3 cars but showing up on FHM’s cover may open the door for Gaby to enter showbiz and ear teh big bucks. more soon…


Author: Kiven
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57 thoughts on “FHM Philippines February 2007 Cover Girl: Gaby Dela Merced

  1. I was so used to seeing Gab with short hair, it actually strange seeing her with long hair :D

    Hmm… not sure about acting though… Modeling, probably. Her mom used to be a model after all.

  2. i was the reader of fhm since high school, i want ryza cenon to put on fhm magazine and maja salvador and nicole hernandez, i like that 3 girls also iya villania so pls. hope i get my wish fans…..

    thats all………..

  3. it seems i’m beginning to be interested in subscribing FHM and Maxim….unless the models are not starlets…well!!!

    Hoping ThEze yEar mksama n cya s top 10 ng FHM MagAziNe.

    O kya Cover ng magaziNe…………………..

    Go MAKIZAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Go gaby!!!!!!!!your one hell of a lady!!!!!you are beautiful in your own way!! tama sila nakaka tomboy ka!!!!!hehehe God bless to your career

  6. grabe i love and like you gaby so much..actually from the time i saw you at your creamsilk commercial, i admire you so much and now i am so much happy when i started watching you at pbb! but it was awfully sad and depressing that you’re going to exit the haus already..sobrang short lang ang stay mo sa haus…i wud love to see you in person. =) i admire your personality and all!

  7. gaby, astig ka masyado… ur so hot! sna payagan k ni big bro na bumalik sa PBB hauz. jeje. gud luck s career. hope 2 see u i person. ASTIG.

  8. ….hai ate gab idol talaga kta…crush na crush
    i want to meet you
    in personal grabe na talaga to!!!!
    i miss you nd labyah jejejej….
    ingatz you plgi sa pgrace mo
    GO.GO.GO ate i support your dremzzz…..zzzzzzZZZZZZ

  9. Hello gab..=) Naiintindihan namin ang decision mo.. Good luck sa life mo ngayon.. I’m always here to support you..^^j Idol talaga..

  10. grabe gaby!!!nakaka tomboy ka..!!and i have a big crush on you even if were both girl..take care…god bless..hope you will reach your dreams..love you so much……mwuah…hope we can be friends…

  11. hai ate gab….. wahaha…..idol tlaga kta…..grabeh…ang ganda mo…
    hope mkita kta in prson…. at saka sna mkabalik k sa pbb hauz….
    nkakabliw k….. gud luk s lyf mo ate gab…. we will support you olwayz….
    IDOL ate gab…….god bless…

  12. hi
    gaby….i really like
    i am a
    big fan
    of yours
    i like to be
    a car racer
    like you
    your my inspiration

    luv yah

  13. hi gaby!…is there a way where i can view more pics of yours? like in friendster maybe..hehehehe..i just fell in love with the person that you wanna be..i sooo love you!

  14. ASTIG!!!!!!
    You’re such an inspiration.

    Posters and gaby’s fans… i hope you don’t mind. I think gaby won’t be happy if some girls get tomboy bec of her. Pero i think sanay na siya dun… :) Peace!

    keep on rockin’!

  15. hi gaby..i lyk u a lot..kw lng pnpnoOd qOh s pbb sna nga pblikin k n kuya s hauz..gudluck s seminar mOh s nov. 16 ad also to ur career..ingtz falague..god bless..mwuahhh….

  16. hi!! ate gab really really like u…ur so beautful and talented girl…i hope ppsukin k ulit s bahay ni kuya…

  17. Ei ate gab!!!!!!!!.ang gling mu nmn sa pbb.i hpe mgkroon ng wildcard sa mga celebrity hausmates at ikw i choose ni kuya.deserving u tlga mgwon dun.gud luck sa career mu and stay happy!!!!!.ur avid fan:ricz manalang from imus,cavite.kip on rockin’ idol yohooo!!!!!.

  18. ei gaby…

    i really admire your personality. nakaka- relate ako sayo. ung gestures mo at ung drive mo sa buhay…nakaka-relate talaga ako. God bless you gaby. u are a reflection of many filipinas who are simple but whor motivated to reach their biggest dreams you are such a wonderful person…genuine talaga. ingat and goodluck sa seminar mo sa states. u deserve the admiration many filipinos give you. im proud to be a filipina!

  19. hi…..i really like gaby..super BOW me sa personality nya..
    Shes nice in and out!!!sana nga mgkaroon ng wild card at ipasok ulit si gaby sa pbb…yyaahh..deserving syang manalo!!!
    go for the gold gaby!!!gooooddlluckkk
    were proud of YOU…..!!!

  20. WE really really like gaby dela merced kasi mabait siya at magaling pa sa lahat ng task na pinagawa sa kanya..siya lang pinanood namin sa pbb kasi pretty and smart girl..haayyy.. sana pasok ka ulit sa house ni kuya after seminar.. we miss you so much gaby!!!!!!!! we love you…

  21. gaby is to die for! amazing fantastic girl. if i die n live again…i wnt to be like gaby dela merced! d best! love u gaby! hope to c u more on tv..

  22. we miss you gaby . PBB celebrity edition 2 was never the same without you . All souls will fall in love with a lady like you , pretty inside and out . i hope to meet you one day and good luck in all your endeavors .

    i miss watching you on tv .

  23. hi poe idol po talaga kta hehehehe…ang ganda ganda mo simple iang but cool

    sana poe magkita tayo in person im yui f shimizu of imus cavite……….

  24. eilow pOh..mztah now n pOh dba ung seminar mOh..gudluck pOh sna nga pOh mgkrOn ng wild card like kla wendy sna bgyn k ult n kuya ng chnce 2 prOve huz gaby is…sna pOh npanOod mOh ung episOde kgvi grabe sbrng nkktwa cla ethel ,wil & riza..well ingtz nlng pOh lge..miz u.mwuaahh..

  25. gaby, you’re an inspiration to me and to a lot of people who believes in you..
    go reach for your dream. we are always here to give you a cheer!
    loves you :)

    with prayers

  26. hi gaby!
    i like you.. bigtime!
    i really felt bad when you had your voluntary exit..
    dna nga ko nkkain when you left pbb house.. kaw lng pnpnuod ko dun..
    happy nman ako coz you want to pursue your dreams,,d only problem is dnkita mppnuod on tv.. kya ndepressed tlg ko.. sigh..
    sna bumlik ka s pbb hawz.. luvU tlg..muahugztyt

  27. hi ate gab!

    miss n kita pnoorin s pbb…

    i want back there insyd kuya’s haus…

    sana pmyag c kuya…

    i rili like ur personality…

    sobrang idol tlg kita!!!

    gud luck s career path mu, i’l support u!

    sna mkita kita in person… ahe!

    un poh! ingats lge!

  28. helo gaby…i really mizz you a lot…..
    sa mga fans ni Gaby …
    guyzz……alam niokasi gusto kong mapanood
    alife story ni gaby sa MMK…
    what do you think guyz…This is a good Idea na ipalabas ang story nia?
    Kung pano ianahilig ang cart raicing diba?

  29. kuya tnx pnbalik moh ulit c gaby grabe nmiz qoh tlga xa mpanood s pbb..she’s so mgnda prin..mrme ngssbi nkkatomboy k well dey r definitely correct pti aq gnun dn…haha…
    wel ingatzlgi..luv u..miz u.mwuuaahh..

  30. big brother, tnx at pinasok nyo ulet si gaby!
    sana sya ang manalo……
    sana maging friend ko si gaby…

  31. hi te gab! I so like you. Grabe iba ka kumilos. nung nabasa ang lapel mic mo hinarap mo ang hamon ni big bro. Galing. ate GAby we are keeeep on voting for you. Tnx. Candy From Davao City.

  32. hi,gaby..it’s me,L.R ur # 1 idol..i hope na maging frnd tau in person..kasi crush kita,simula nung pumasok ka sa PBB house..txt me naman ohh,para maging frnd tau at eto number ko..09059593258..or you just call me..kapal ng face ko..jejejejejej..God bless you,idol gaby..

  33. hi gaby…im 1 of ur avid fan.i only watch u n pbb.hop i can watch u agen..ur my bet 2 win n pbb coz ur d coolest nd very nice as a person..gudluck on ur career espcially n ur race.mwah!ur my idol…

  34. hi te gab. i really wanna see your new show GABY’S extraordinary files. we can’t see it because it is chuch time. i have a letter for you

    watever lyf gives u
    even if it hurts u
    just be strong
    and act like the way u always do
    cause strong walls will shake… but never collapsed. Give thanks to the LOrD for his loving kindness endures forever. really want you to see in person, wanna hug you and wanna kiss you in the cheeks. GOD bless you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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