Kelly Carlson: Pinoy Kickboxer?

Kelly Carlson

Date of birth (location):
17 February 1976
Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Shows: Nip/Tuck, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Who wouldve thought that John Cena’s co-star in WWE Films’ The Marine (and being H-O-T in the TV show Nip/Tuck) namely Kelly Carlson, also knows pinoy martial arts.

In The Marine, you get to throw down with Abigail Bianca and look damn good doing it… Where did you learn to kick ass and take names?
I took Filipino martial arts for years – kali to be exact. Kickboxing. And I don’t mean exercise kickboxing, I mean Filipino street-fighting kickboxing with grappling – arnis, silat – all types of fighting; fighting with sticks, knives… So, my coordination is pretty good. I’m by no means a professional fighter, but I have a step up because I took kali for so long. Few women take kali.

And what’s a nice girl like you doing getting involved in Filipino street-fighting?
My dad was an athlete. He was always concerned with me protecting myself. I was his only daughter; the only child. He would sort of teach me how to fight a little bit, at least to not be a victim. It’s a great way to take out your aggression and also how to control it. Fighting is not just going nuts on someone, it’s controlling your energy. It teaches you discipline which I really liked. I think I could get myself out of a bad situation if I had to.

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