Francine Prieto FHM Philippines Magazine Cover Girl

Francine Prieto FHM Philippines Magazine Cover Girl


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Author: Kiven
Kiven originally started this blog back in 2004 to document his forays into Half Life 2 and World of Warcraft. Over the years, it has grown to be one of the biggest blogs in the Philippines covering Games, Technology, Social Media and Kiven's new passion: Photography. He can also be found lurking over at Twitter/ Instagram/Pinterest as @Kiven .

66 thoughts on “Francine Prieto FHM Philippines Magazine Cover Girl

  1. ang bangis ni mau,super hot.. katir haar.. sna mak one nite stand ko cya, magkano kya, anyone there to give me the price. hehehe

  2. ang ganda nya!!!
    at sexy pa!!!
    aus na ko pag kasama ko saya!!!
    super sexy tlaga…

  3. good mornig francine your so sexy and beatifull talaga!i like you attetude specially we accedently meet at the mall!last wend. thanks nga pala for signing my 2 fhm magazine pf your i will keep as my remebrace and our solo picture with you and me>thanks din pala for inviting us in your up comming movie in june 6 and together with diana!pasign me ulet ha ung una na issue mo ng fhm thanks god bless ummwahhh@@@@@@@@

  4. Hi Francine!!!,
    i’m your no. 1 fan. i’m waiting for your next movie’ hope to meet you in person someday. take care!!! i hope you will have time to read this. do you mind sending me one of your gorgeous pic.??? again thanks!!!
    your no.1 fan

  5. Hi Francine,

    One of your fans here, i know you’ve probably heard it a thousand times and you might be pretty bored of it by now but i truly do admire you in every way. please send me an email if you can. i really would like a reply to this if possible.

    truly yours,


  6. im one of your fans. u reli have such a nice body.huh! hanep. u reli make me crazy.

  7. franciene you are a wonderful woman, i like the way you are coz you are kind and polite, you are precoius but rare sana lang hindi ka magbabago, and i just want you to know na crush na crush kita,

  8. she is my idol…promise i wish i meet her and she offer her body to me!!wow naks.francine contack me then show me wat you got.!!!!!this my #09104185128 see there in macopolo hotel..

  9. hi francine,
    isa s mga pangarap ko ang makitat mayakap k sa personal kaso mukhang malabo n ata … sayang hanngang pics n lng me. sexy mo grabe!

  10. Hi …….Friend….
    Pwede be kitang maging isa sa aking mga friend…???
    Kasi iilan lang ang aking mga kaibigan..

    Your #1fun..AJ Di..

  11. Hi Francine,

    Its been a long time that I’m dreaming about you. But anyway, be cool and remain sweet. Goodluck on your carr-er.

  12. hi franciene,

    i dont know how ta say this, pero talage i’ve been wishing to have a very daring sexy picture of your. can you send me 1? pleassss.


  13. grabe francine ang seksi mo ang puti sobra lalo na yung nipple wow grabe yung legs huh! hah! sobrang ganda sana yung mas hot photo yung ipakita mo

  14. hi! francine….. ganon kaba makadrive sa personal tulad na nasa mga pilikola mo? wow….. ang sarap mo siguro…….

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