Aubrey Miles And Jacqueline Yu November 2006 Maxim Philippines


The November 2006 Issue of Maxim Philippines is now available and guess who’s on the cover? Aubrey Miles and Jacqueline Yu. Both are part of The Amazing Race Asian edition. More Aubrey Miles And Jacqueline Yu goodness once they become available.

Update: Maxim Spread now available. Maxim Philippines November Issue Cover Scan now available



Author: Kiven
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13 thoughts on “Aubrey Miles And Jacqueline Yu November 2006 Maxim Philippines

  1. ganda tlga!!! idol ko prin si aubrey!! sexy kc at ang cute!! hope to date you in personal…heheheh!^_^

  2. Si jacky, niligawan ko yan nung nasa holy spirit pa sya, binasted ata ako…bad trip..pero ang ganda nya

  3. actually, she’s my classmate in our alma mater when we’re still in high school days. she is really beautiful and kind. all i hope for was that she never changed her good attitudes that she had.jacq keep up the good work and goodluck in ur career that u have chosen. hope u’d still remember me.(“,)

  4. I saw reruns of Amazing Race Asia 2. They were stupid bimbos. They put our country to shame. They’re not pretty enough to go by looks alone. Di na uso ang magandang bobo, marami na masyadong maganda pero may laman ang utak.

  5. i love you jacq yu u dould be a cover girl solo! welll all support u! we love you!!

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