Kaye Abad Maxim Philippines September 2006


Kaye Abad Maxim Philippines September 2006 Cover Girl. Scans will be available once someone uploads them. Kaye Abad Youtube Video now available. Maxim Magazine Scans now available.

Kaye Abad in Maxim vs Ehra Madrigal in FHM.

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Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

p.s. IMHO Maxim shouldve used a different pose. or at least nag smile sana si kaye abad. oh well…

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164 thoughts on “Kaye Abad Maxim Philippines September 2006

  1. she’s one of the few actresses (including angelica panganiban to name a few)that i have adored and waited to shed their robes and showoff their beautiful bodies.kaye’s so sexy.kaswerte mo chito!!

  2. Yahoo! at last kaye finally shown her inner beauty.
    I hope this will give way to more shows and challenging roles coz she is one of the few Filipino actress having a good talent.
    Nice bod Ponyang!

  3. ur cool kaye
    stay nice and sweet
    hi 2 kuya chito
    u both rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

  4. filipina beauty talaga..simple face yet has more sex appeal than others..and now for me as one of the most sexiest actress in her natural ways…

  5. wow grbe…surprise ako kay kaye but anyway nice shot for her..pero sna konting smile pra mas lalong attractive right?idol k tlga cya wen it comes to acting shes really a good actress buti nga nkkta k n cya lagi s tv…

  6. I dunno bout you guys, but like the one that features angelica panganiban, parang exaggerated naman pag kaka edit ng mga pix, as if they are featuring kaye’s or angelica’s face, but using different bodies, what do you think guys…

  7. Ayos sana.. catchy kse biglang appear ulit c kaye.. pero knowing na men’s mag eh hindi ganun kaseductive yung dating.
    Tska too much make up- much better kung natural and light lang ung blending..

  8. nice come back, kaye! you caught us off guard there. but what dah, greatness! you really are one big bombshell! i know there’s a great bod lying behind those big tees & flowing long skirt way back tabing ilog days. you simply are the best! you made me super proud of you, idol… as always.

    atta gurl!

  9. to jay: i don’t think you have the eyes, man. see for yourself which one’s fake and which one’s not. check out the clips from the shoot. there obviously is no faking with kaye abad’s.

    to jhen: one doesn’t have to show all skin to be seductive in a men’s mag. what dah?! kaye’s one hell of a package. she doesn’t even have to shed off the robes to be sexy. and heller?! i don’t think she gave birth. while she was lying low on the biz, she has been constantly guesting on kapamilya shows. there’s no way she went through that nine pregnancy months yet come out on tv constantly. check your math, fellah!

  10. parang hindi nya ktawan ung nka yellow lingerie kc ang laki ng legs tapos parang ang puti…
    but anyways,,, i still believe na sexy xa

  11. i like the simple kaye, she’s more beautiful with her clothes on. you dont have to show ur skin to be called beautiful. stay simple!

  12. Hi! Kaye

    Ganda mo Kaye Abad, di kana young actress, dalaga at mature kanang tingnan.

    Kahit type ko pa naman ang mga drama/movie mo na young actress ka doon.

    Ganda-ganda mo. . .

  13. naunahan mo lang ako chito… tsk..tsk..tsk.. ganda ni eds.. i miss you finally ur back!! damn ur hot!!!

  14. Most of the Filipino youth know kaye and seen her grow starting from ang TV until Sanay Wala ng Wakas. Since then, kita naman na sexy cia at maganda. I believe that her pic in maxim are true. And it’s about time for her to prove that aside from her talent in singing and acting, there is more beauty with her clothes off.

    Reach the stars Eds.

  15. I have no doubt na hindi inedit yung picture. Si eds talaga yan. Sa tabing ilog pa lang, kahit may damit or naka-tshirt lang, talagang kita na na seksi siya. grabe, ang liit ng balakang talaga, great proportion. Sexy as in sexy add with a great smile and a simple nice face.
    grabe ganda at sexy niya!

  16. kaye is better than angelica and ornusa, kze lagi naman nakikita yung body nung dalawa wala nang excitement!!!!!!!!

  17. hi kaye, sana balik yung dati mong image, yung pa demure.. eventhough, hot ka na ngayon at maganda pa rin, mas pa rin pa rin yung simple and natural beauty

  18. ang lufet tlaga.. sbi ko na dis tym wud come and thank you MaXiM.. iba k tlaga ponyang.. u remind me of my ex-girlfriend.. super sexy..

    maglaway k John Lloyd..
    ang bangis mo chito..

  19. hahahaha!luv ol ur comments guys!
    dun muna s mga ngaaklang eneditlng ang mga pics nia.100% sure akong hinde!y?I’m an artist/graphic artist and basically has knowledge about photography and graphic software alam ko kung enedit ung mga pic s mag and ofcourse ung ky kaye e hinde. Lighting and make up lng kya na-enhance at nging malinis ung mga shots. Kaye is really sexy,nice skin and face w/or w/out makeup.Un nga lng evrsince d tlg sha provocative & until now she still claims n ‘manang’ pren dw sha. Her pose is less sensual or teasing,mas me drama/artistic pren. Yes, daring but not dirty.Sooooooo nice!luv her!

  20. mmm…I went to other web blog about kaye in Maxim, most of the comments nman so far nmn is positive. Quote ko lng ung cnb nung isa na kulng dw ung mga shots and ung front cover is kulang pa as teaser. U know wat, I agree, cguro kc mashadong pale ung color ng front cover and ung pose ni kaye dun pra shang c darna, pose n nghhamon nd to think she’s wering red. I don’t know wat bout u guys? It’s not Kaye; it’s about the mag itself. I hope Kaye would also try FHM or UNO nmn. FHM got the best photography. I think they’re good in motivating the girls especially when it comes to ‘baring the inner sensuality’. Co’z u doesn’t just see it but feel it as well as u see the shots. I don’t see it in Maxim September ish, it’s not that I want Kaye to be sensual, or Maxim to be dog’s mag, basta kulang nga kc ung mga pose nia. Un lng—ok now bite me!

  21. Kaye is a revelation, she’ very pretty and sexy at the same time. Her face is realy radiant. I am married but if I was single, I would want to marry her… no offence to my wife. Hope I can have her e-mail ad and correspond with her. Can you help me guys??!!! Please!!!!

    Way to go Kaye.. more photos please…. all power to you!


  22. ang ganda mo takaga bagay na bagay sau sana maging boldstar kana dahil ang ganda mo talaga./././././././././././././././././././../././././././..//././././././..//././././.sana magkia tayo personal para masabihan kita na ang ganda mo /././././.yun lang ang masasabi ko

  23. Kaye, kahit di ka mag pose n ganyan ur truly beautiful naman especially when you were in tabing ilog. Tagal mo lang nawala and then you shock the country for revealling yourself. Pero mas maganda ka talaga ngayon…. yun lang and i love you!!!

  24. hi kaye i’m glad ur back and you are so pretty and sexy as i look at ur photos. hope abs-cbn will give u more attention and give u more projects with u on the lead. i lke ur pictures i wish i can have a copy of maxim mag sept issue( w/ u on the cover)

  25. hay nko!gnmit ung pic nia (green underwear with long clorful stripes socks)s isang bastos at cheap n tabloid!Dko mtndaan ang pngalan bsta bastos ung headline at frontpage tlg ung shot n un ni kaye!Kalokah!

  26. yahooooo…. ang ganda ni kaye, i wish i was you BF….. kip it up… ganda ng photo mo… luv u kaye

  27. i luv kaye…… wahahahahaahahahahaha muahhhhhhhhh………………………………………………………… sana aq BF mu….. makita sana lkita in person…

  28. eversince idol na kita at nakitaan na kita ng ganda, kasimplehan at kasexihan… simpleng damit at kahit nde hapit sa katawan kita na ung body u before… pero at this time share mo sa lahat ng mga fans mo kng gano ka kasexy…

    the best ang maxim sa mga models nila… ang galing nu mamili ng mga unexpected na magppose…

    gudluck kaye.. isa ako sa mga humahanga sa u…

  29. Ang gabda mo Idol!!iba ka talaga, simple ang dating but u look seductive talaga!! ish ko talaga makita ka in person. tagal ko nang wish yan!! Kip up the gud work!!! Lab yah!!!



  31. all i can say about kaye is WOOOOW talga!! shes beautiful inside and out galing mo kaye ganda ng body mo nagmatured ka na talaga n we’re here to support you on your come back… chito is sooooOO lucky to have you ,,, sana may isang kaye pa para sa akin…

  32. kaye sana may project ka na sa movies n tv shows kac tagal na kitang inaabangan … i really miss you .. super ang ganda mo and simpling babae lng…

  33. that picture on the sofa rocks my world! deym! spoon time, woohoooo! i love spoon time =)

    that lucky bas&%@#! =) some guys really get more than they they ask for.

    keep it coming ms. kaye. the sofa pics with the peeping things melted us =)

  34. Salamat sa lahat ng nag post, kahit nag dududa ang iba. Nakakataba talaga ng puso and it’s so nice to know na all that hard work was worth it. Abangan nalang ninyo ako sa aking next projects! This is just the beginning! You guys ain’t seen nothing yet! Keep watching Super Inggo on Channel 2! :)

    LQ kami ni labs ko today :( text me +639152790206

  35. sorry po… i know kaye personally and that last message was not from her! i’ve been monitoring all your posts since sept9, and as far as i know, she has read them all… (yata). she thinks it’s fun to read them from time to time (whenever she has the chance to drop by dito sa internet cafe namin, pinapabasa ko sa kanya) and enjoys reading the comments kahit good or bad.
    i think chito enjoys reading them as well… (i think). kasi lagi nya niloloko si kaye sa mga bastos na comments… binabasa nya out loud. he’s sick. hehe.
    and lastly, THAT is not her number. hehehe! peace po!

  36. Wow, Kaye looked really great in the pics, although I must agree that Maxim still puts more conservative touches compared to what FHM can produce out of the model. I bet Kaye will look even better when she poses for FHM (I wish because im a collector of the mag). She carried her curves pretty well and I do envy her for that. I wish I have those curves. ehehehe.. anyways, God bless you Kaye.. I’m looking forward for more poses, in FHM that is..

  37. hello,,

    HI,Goodmorning syo..its me again. ww talaga ang masasabi ko syo at no more other words..kaye sana padalhan modin me ng personal picture mo a gift lng kung pwede..im here ksi sa singapore.. ty

  38. hi.. u know what i rally love kaye abad and im her avid fan of tabing ilog.. and i love seeing them together with john lloyd.. kya lng now ang pangit ng bf nya mismatch tlaga da…… hope abs will give her the break to be with john lloyd of course.. good luck girl.. malakas ka d2 sa cagayan de oro… LUV U!

  39. hi!….galing mo magdala…! filipinang filipina ang dating. Gusto ko ang “looks” mo kaye, you’re so simple pero may dating!…How i wish na makita kita sa personal. Sana mapadalhan mo ako ng personal pics mo…
    luv yah…!

  40. simple pero rock…may dating!!talap mo kaye!
    naka jackpot si parokya sau..anyway tama na muna isang anak.

  41. oh sooo yummy!

    men simply wud feel an outburst of electricity in their body when they see kaye on the couch!

    that yellow string piece makes mw wild!


    mwah! luv u kaye!

  42. Super ganda talga ni Kaye…. from Maria Clara, nag-grow na siya talaga…she’s amazing.. wish I can see her personally… Stay beautiful….

  43. True blooded pinay beauty, yan ang idol ko, kakaiba sa lahat… innocent pa rin dating ng beauty nya kahit saan magdating…. miss u Kaye, i wish i can see u personally.. siguro mas maganda ka sa personal… Simply the best….God bless. Sana lang email nya ko tuwa ko lang yahooooooo! Nangarap ba… hehehe.. More power!

  44. Hi kaye,
    kahit ano pa mangyari sa career mo i will always be in your inner circle fans, you will always be my pretty girl, sayang wala nasi FPJ yung tatay mosa movie, but life has to..got to change and so were you masyado lang siguro ako naka relate sa movie mo kaya pagnakikita kita, i always think of a nice person,innocent, adorable & lovable and that is you, sana hindi you saktan ng BF mo kasi ako una masasaktan, matitiis ang init at lamig dito pero kapag wala kana sa circullation, i, we will always be supporting you, stay beautiful as your in maxim, i love you take care….

  45. hi kaye!
    where do u stay in cavite?
    i’m also from cavite, i hope i can see u somtym in tagaytay coz i always go there on sundays wid my year old son. sana i can get ur pics together with my son….

    hope abs can give u more challenging roles and really nice projects!

    more power!

  46. anak ng…iiiiiiidddddooooooolllllllll..swerte mo chito..im going to miss the old ponyang..pero ok lang..ganda mo ponyang

  47. ganda! ganda! ganda! sexy! sexy! sexy! need i say more? stay simple, kaye abad. you’re simply the best! i have been your follower since ang tv days. ang ganda ng transition mo from a teeny bopper to a daring yet decent outlook. keep up the good work!

  48. Lady,
    You should be proud that she has done to show her sexsy body but why must you be so fuss about. How you yourself be nude infront of me rather then be sexsy ?

  49. WOW, ang ganda talaga ni Kaye Abad…. Very bad… Yet… PERFECT BODY!!! It’s YOUR HIGH PRIME OF YOUR LIFE AS A TOTAL WOMAN… YA-HOOO!!! ;-D

  50. i was so surprised wit her pics, i didnt expect dat she could post wit dis kind of posts…

    but its quite good…

  51. wow!
    shocking mga pause nya but anyway magandang lumabas, mas maganda sana kng konting smile yung parang nang aatract talaga? pero super sexy swerte ni mang jose (parokya lead singer)

  52. wow sexy nman mang jose maghanap ka na lang nang iba d kayo bagay mukha kang butete sa kanya//////

  53. kaye has always been my favorite actress since tabing ilog….. im happy that she’s visible again and showing the world how great actress she is…. keep up that sexy and hot bod…. mabuhay ka kababayang cavitena!!!!

  54. whew.i am really amazed & surprised with your comeback.idol kita talaga.wala ng hihigit pa sa yo idol.nawala homesick namin dito sa uae.

  55. graveh 2d max ang image ni kaye….frm simple eds/ponyang of tabing ilog to sexy….im favor kaye than angelica coz u can see some edit portion body in picture than reality in tv appearance, u can see d difference….ganda mo kaye…

  56. hi kaye,
    ganda mo grbe..idol kita! sna kyo pair kyo ni john lloyd sa star magic..kz fan aq ng tbing ilog..super sexy mo tlaga..God bless sayo..tc

  57. hindi inakala ni sa panaginip sobrang crush ko sya dati [ero ngayon sobrang hot na nya super

  58. . . . . . . .
    . . . . .
    wetwEwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww mAh idoL uR d bEst…………pretty tanG duhA……

  59. hi………..kaye ang galing-galing mo sa super inggo….sana mga tagal kayo ni chito………….ang ganda ng katawan mo…………..

  60. sana ma mate ko si kaya, at ang parokya ni edgar!!!!!!!!!!!!long live para kay chito at ng parokya love uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu kaye!!!!!!!!!!11

  61. KAY ABAD! ANG GANDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDA|! MO! grabeh! pwede mag pa autograph? :) iba parin ang beauty ng mga pinay A S T I G ! take care! And

    in english
    B E U T F U L L !
    iba parin ang ganda ng mga pinay!
    A S T I G!
    pwede pa autograph? :)
    goodluck for everything and godbless yah!

  63. if i have not watched homeboy today, d ko mlalaman that uv posed for a magazine! grabe kagulat! idol ko n cya since tabing ilog days, miss ko n cya masyado s TV! pero as long as she’s happy wid chito, happy n din ako! miss ko lng cya! nice sexy body! goodluck kaye!

  64. hi,,hmm sexy mu tlga,,
    no doubt gf k ni chito,,nku swerte mu nman,,
    crush n crush ko bf mu,,sana gnyan din ktawan ko,,
    hehe,,gnda kamo ng face mo,,
    actually pic mo nasa primary ng friendster ko,,
    da one ung naka pink k,,tooo hooott!!

  65. grabe sexiest body k pala kaye mahal n kita promise!!!wish ko sana ikaw n ung maging future wife ko,sana maging 22o un heheheh luv U ingat kung nasan kaman now

  66. ganda mo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    hay naku, nakakapraning ka ha………….. ur beauty and ur body is definitely awesome and seductive….

  67. i always see her personally, hehe… the pictures are fake. i know her real body… hehe… laki talaga nagagawa ng photoshop.

  68. hey ms.taga-imus! tanga ka pala. wag ka magmarunong. sa cavite syempre lagi syang nakadamit eh kaya hindi sexy… punta ka kasi sa galera o boracay para naman makita mo sya nakaswim suit. palibasa pangit mga beach sa cavite. hehe. medyo malaki lang tummy nya ng konti kaya laging nakakip sa pictorial. hindi photoshop tawag dun…anggulo ng photography… obob ka siguro. sori… mabuti pa wag ka na maginternet. mag mario brothers ka nalang.

  69. hoy taga-imus! sa cavite kasi laging naka damit conservative si kaye kaya hindi sexy tingnan… magpunta ka kasi sa galera o boracay… para makita mo sya na nakaswimsuit… pangit kasi mga beach jan sa cavite eh.. hehe. medyo malaki lang tummy nya ng konti kaya laging nakatakip sa maxim pictorial… hindi photoshop tawag dun… anggulo ng photography. sori… peace lang. wag ka na sana magmarunong.

  70. I luv u very much…
    mtgl n ktng crush khit s tbing ilog k p lng.I luv ur post in maxim…
    selos nga me ky chito……

  71. kaye ang ganda m sobra,,sana lumabas ka ult s tv,,ung gya s tbing ilog,,mis kna kc nmen umarte ult,,sna mg ka show ka ult,ng madami..hope 2 c u soon on tv.

  72. hi kaye msta naka?
    ang ganda mo pala no?
    parangnakaita ako nang multo.
    pwede hingi ako nang friendstermo?
    kong pwede diba kung ayawmo di huwag nalan?
    pero alam kung bigyan mo akokasi crush kita/
    cge ingatzzzzzzzzzzzzzz nalang k?

  73. I have always been Kaye’s avid fan. I got really sad when Tabing Ilog was over. Though her role in Tabing Ilong was sort of a “manang” but I know that there’s SEXINESS underneath that “manang” image. I hope you’ll be back on TV. I miss your stunning beauty and incomparable acting. You have such a great talent. I love your personality! So, Chito, I know you are way out of her league but just give her a chance on you. Haha, swerte mo Chito! You’d be good! Don’t let her go!

  74. KAYE HAS THE SEXIEST TUMMY!!! So to those who have this “flat, skinny tummy illusion” you’d better cut it out ‘cuz flat tummies are NEVER sexy for guys!!! I am not saying that every woman should grow a pot belly. What I am saying is, it should be just like Kaye’s tummy… It’s yummy!

  75. kaye i like u…u look pretty in tabing ilog,simple but pretty…malas mo lang kay chito…hehe,d sya ganun kagwapo para sau…sana ako nalang minahal mo..

  76. kaye.
    sobrang ganda u.. gua2ng gus2 ko ang ganyang kagandahan…
    sana ako n lang ang parokya.

  77. Wow Kaye im not expected na may tinatago ka palang ganda, nakakapintindig ka, ang sarap mo, pantasya na kita ngayon, sisipsipin ko ang lahat sayo, aaaaaaa

  78. para maiba nmn!!!… kaye is really sexy NO doubt!!!..
    PERO FOR ME SI PAFA chito ang mas sexy,seductive.at nakakalaway…hehehe…si MANG JOSE na ata ang kilala kong MACHO,…n gumaGamit ng PAPA COLOGNE,n may bitbit na PICHA PIE,

  79. Kay sana magkashow kana or makateleserye my frends and i are waiting when will u show up…ang dami pa naman ngkakagusto sayo sa pag arte…hope magkashow kana…God bless (=

  80. wow iba talaga ang idol ko ‘sa tabing ilog’…di ako makapaniwala kay kaye but anyway nice shot & pretty pose for her..pero sna konting smile pa, pra mas lalong attractive & eye catching right?idol k tlga cya wen it comes to acting shes really a good actres & performer buti napapanood ko na lagi… kailan magsisimula ulit ang teleserye mo idol….

  81. ..hi kaye sna mag tagal kayo ni chito..pls…perfect kayo…nakatatawa c chito palaging masaya mabait, at ,maalagain nakasisiguro akong hindi kanya papabayaan…i luv u no. 1 fan nyo ang sexy muh kaye as in..magtagal pa sna kau…haaa……….parokya ni edgar forever as in di q pagpapalit kaninuman magkamatayan nah!!!!!!!! ^_^ pilipino pride…..proud 2 be a pilipino!!!!

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