Babes: Misa Campo

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Name: Misa Campo
Hometown: Montreal, QC
Age: 19 freakin’ years old
Ethnicity/Nationality: Filipina German
Height: 5′ 6″ Weight: 115
Stats: 34C-24-34

Misa Campo Model Gallery / Pics
mcampo8.jpg mcampo7.jpg mcampo6.jpg mcampo5.jpg

AUG 29 UPDATE: Tons of New Pics!!!! Parental guidance is advised.

More pics and videos after the jump including Misa Campo in Maxim Magazine

Misa Campo in Maxim Magazine Pic


New pics

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Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at


mcampo1.jpg mcampo2.jpg mcampo3.jpg misacampo1.jpg misacampo3.jpg misacampo4.jpg misacampo5.jpg


Misa Campo Model Gallery / Pics

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

Free Image Hosting at

Thanks to ProjectNympho over at the PinoyN forums for most of the pics.
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YTMND Misa Campo: Why doesnt Misa Campo change facial expressions/poses?

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96 thoughts on “Babes: Misa Campo

  1. Haha, pakilala mo sa’kin! :D Saka what’s the link sa forum?

    Musta na pala ung kalumbaferlu (?) league? Puno na ung teams?

  2. ok talaga tong si misa campo, kahawig talaga ni iya villania, nga pala bro kiven,

    meron ako nung images ni ornusa sa maxim, pwede mo gamitin dito sa site mo, kunin mo na lang sa site ko.

  3. misa camo, shit ang ganda mo…..more pictures pa pwede bang mas malaking resolution or big size man lang kahit 72 dpi.

  4. im gonna leave my GF just for her….
    she really is my dream girl even if shes not wearing that kind of dress….


  5. can somebody pls tell me what issue of maxim is misa campo on? maxim philippines or maxim others?mnth and year of issue?

    Kiven says: its definitely not Maxim PH. check out the last 2 issues of the international edition or the next one.

  6. hottie pinay in da hauz!!!!!!!…….come visit PINAS!! party tau d2…………much luv!!….

  7. i like u just the way u are


    u like it from the back HAHA

    i read ure answer from babes blvd

    ure funny

  8. bro! san m nakuha video clips ni misa ocampo.. ang ganda sarap2 pati kasama nyang amgirls.da best!.. ka talaga bro… ang galing mong manghack.. hehehe

  9. hmmm…we have the same last name. i wonder if we are related…where is her filipino parent originally from?

  10. 2thumbs up for the young hot lady…

    one more thing you got nice eyes….
    hope that i can see you in person…. ja matane….

  11. hey misa u r the hottest chick ever! like seriously…i have never seen a chick more hotter den you! if ur ever in australia and doing modelling or sumfing ill be dere! love you and btw i am obsessed with u…in my fone and computer and posters is all you!

  12. hola misy eres realmente preciosa me pones a 100 y me hago cosas contigo. me gustaria hacer una sugerencia: no ocultes tus preciosos senos. Saludos desde Colombia.

    PD: esta chido lo que haces. Sigue asi :D

  13. Lots o’ Pix to choose from…

    Makes me wanna cry.. T_T

    NYAHAHAHAHAH!!!!! lol*

  14. waste time @ work and the misses posted me this link.. godam… the god of genetics smiled on you miss… gona ake the misses work out till she has a body like that… that took some hard godam work.


  15. you know misa,i just can’t get enough of you…viewing your pics and watching your videos.and i’m proud to know that you’re also part of my blood as a filipina…girl i’m from manila,and if you ever come here wanting a tour guide,i’m your first candidate…take care gorgeous…aaaaaaaaw!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. shes half filipina half dutch… i watched her on 360 DVD…. she grew up in canda quebec…. there is a lot of half filipina model in 360…. like leah dizon!!!

  17. wow i wish i had a girl like her… her eyes catched me.. and her body it like a time bomb ticking :)

  18. hia misa,,,
    sana makuha ku ang number mo para call
    me to meet ta u …
    ang ganda mu talaga ang sarap mu sa kama,,,,
    siguro ang galing mung makipag sex!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  19. your so hot,sexy and beautiful.. i wish you’re here in macau, i want to meet you personally.. your sooooooooooooo HOT!

  20. this girl is the most goofy and beautiful model for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wish my girl will be like you… but im single wish your mine honey!!!!!

  21. juz wanna asked!!!
    my frend asked me if i were relatated to misa campo!
    coz i have the same surname!
    does her family name came from Samar?
    im glad if get an answer!
    and iLL be proud too..
    coz Misa is a Hot babe..

  22. wow ganda super hot foreign na maypagka pinay prin ang dating

    you certainly are gorgeous and beautiful..

    hahaha.. LOL!..

  23. ang ganda mo hindi magkakaila ang pinay pa rin ang maganda sa lahat mapa americano lebanes or arab country ikw pa rin ang pinaka inaasam ng manga kalalakihan bye the way im jayson lite 21 cute simpleng lalake pa ako at singel kaya pwde tyo bagay ako ako sau simple lang ako italyano ako kalahati ita kalahati ilocano hehehehe cute naman ako at hindi kita paiiyakin mamahalin kita ng sobra sobra this my no# +9746271579 call mo na lang ako at hindi ka magsisi sa akin

  24. lahat ng bastos d2 t****a nyo!! wg nyong bastusin c ms. misa campo handa ako mging lesbian para s kanya wag lang xa mbastos!

  25. Sus santa maria kang bata ka kaya ang daming nagkakasala eyh

    Kakarampot magdamit di naman mukhang mahirap ang ireh eyh

    Oh sadyang di marunong maglaba ang inay

    Yung la-ang………..

  26. She is not half german or so. All of this information is so wrong!!
    Why dont you all get the facst right before posting them?
    And she is really nice, has a beautiful voice.
    She is as pretty, gorgeous in person.
    She has a great personality, its not as she appears in pictures, so dont judge unless you’ve met her, talked to her directly or so.
    I do talk to her everyday so i have lots to say about her.

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