Maxim Philippines Issue 2 August: Ornussa Cadness

Half-Thai and Half-New Zealander Ornussa Cadness Maxim Philippines August Scans/Pics/Pictures

ornusa cadness maxim august 20063.jpg ornusa cadness maxim august 20065.jpg

Kaye Abad Maxim September 2006

More pics after the jump.
Ornusa /Ornussa Cadness

ornusa cadness maxim august 20062.jpg ornusa cadness maxim august 20064.jpg ornusa cadness maxim august 20061.jpg

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Courtesy of Magtataho of Thanks bro.

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23 thoughts on “Maxim Philippines Issue 2 August: Ornussa Cadness

  1. hey guys…wala lang…i want to buy your mag monthly sana but i’m stil young eh… good luck! can you put angel locsin on your cover balang araw?cute kc xa… more power, God bless.

  2. i love Ornussa Cadness …. i admire her beauty hope someday we could be frends,,, and hope maxim will send me her pictures… aun.. thanks maxim.. muah

  3. Okay ung pics by the way I hope soon you get the new FHM, Maxim,toysforthe boys or even red magazine. I hope you post it at your website and in big high quality scans. Pare kumpleto ha lalau na ung ke kaye abad at era madrigal. Sama mu narin ung ibang babe included on the mags.

  4. i love this half thailander and half new zealander woman…
    she’s so hot……… and so borgy manotoc na bf nya
    sana magkatuluyan sila…….

  5. shes not pretty at all.. ;( wonder why borgy always gets in trouble bec of her..whats wrong with it because of the sex??

  6. this girl looks like the “poor” version of kate moss! she is NOT pretty, NOT attractive, NO big deal! why does she seem to get her boy toy (borgy marcos manotoc) into all kinds of quarrels? maybe she’s sooo insecure that she has to make up stories that guys who cross her path are hitting on her, so that borgy gets all fired up and starts waging war on these poor, innocent guys (who im sure DO NOT even find this ornusa pretty). its so gross and its such a pathetic form of self-flattery. borgy and ornusa,,,get a damn life, will you!? soo soo many people hate you guys. you’re not exactly easy on the eyes and you gotta couple that with your disgusting and nasty attitudes?! geez! you’re both so sad! just break up…maybe you’ll be better off and more peaceful w/o each other! peace!

  7. i really like ornusa when dont wear a make up b coz it is so bored all the time her pics have a lot of make up better than natural beauty. she is good pose model but the problem about the attitudes look like very spoiled woman and need to get more judges..,about the inside or outside beauty.
    well, ornusa you are such a nice model and hope on ur attitudes also b coz you are my favorates model that i ever inspire your pose
    god blss

  8. hi.. can you guys give the exact website of RED MAGAZINE? just want to check it out.. what do you think about that mags? please tell me please,, i need your feedback.. thanks.

  9. you know ur the mOst beAutiful mOdel i’ve ever seen
    ur the mOst sexiest wOman n our cOuntry
    hey! the’re i wAnt u 2 knOw tht i’m ur nO.1 fAn i wAnt 2
    see u in persOnaL/ fAce 2 fAce
    stAy cOol my idOl & mOre cAreers 4 u & dOn’t 4get 2
    prAy 2 GOD if u receive a blessing from GOD
    be fA!thfuL 2 GOD & stay as u are
    GODbLess u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. if you don’t think this girl is hot, it’s because you’ve never seen her in person.

  11. She’s not pretty. I’ve seen her in pers0n. I’m not attracted. She’s just stylish and tall. That’s it.

  12. …i like her nung una!!!…but now..dUHh..i dont think soo..she’s damnation guyz!!..i dont even know her…soo i give her benefit of a doubt!!!…guyz..maybe she’s kind…thats why borgy boy get hooked to her!!!…but if she’s going to bring trouble to the man…oHh my…my…they better part wayz!!!…hey do you really think ornusa deserve borgy or borgy deserve ornusa?????….you dont really know guyz!!!!…soo watz the sex ish????…they are not born yesterday man!!!…to get hooked to that thing…hehehe…duHh!!..damn ryT???…

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