Mary Jane Davey

“Born and raised in the volcanic island of Camiguin, Mary Jane is probably Mindanao’s best kept secret, until she moved to Michigan and then to Los Angeles, USA to pursue a career in modeling, singing, and dancing.”

“Svelte, perpetually tan, and blessed with the looks that can turn even rock-hard knees to Jell-O, Mary Jane has the perfect wares to give Playboy models a run for their money.” [ Manila Standard ]

Images of Mary Jane Davey removed as per request. Google her instead.

Author: Kiven
Kiven originally started this blog back in 2004 to document his forays into Half Life 2 and World of Warcraft. Over the years, it has grown to be one of the biggest blogs in the Philippines covering Games, Technology, Social Media and Kiven's new passion: Photography. He can also be found lurking over at Twitter/ Instagram/Pinterest as @Kiven .

20 thoughts on “Mary Jane Davey

  1. hi mary! im from mambajao camiguin. i juz saw ur image sa maxim.. im amazed dat uve changed a lot:) i cant believe 8s u a saw. during high skol ur seem like a boyish type of girl. did u visit camiguin dis year?:) hpe u read ur reply..:)

  2. trying to find your official website. you seem to be very popular as a model. would like to see more pics.

  3. Hi Jane…Atardz nalibat man ko sa imo pic, hehe

    When did u plan to come back home? Pa autograph ko

    nimo pgbalik u Camiguin ha, hehe…

    Keep Rockin’…

    Foralways: BOBONG (Imong silingan sa BLISS, hehe)

  4. hi jane..its me egay,or rather frances ann..remember??/anyway take good care always..hope to see you soon in camiguin or maybe in usa soon….malou,ivylyn and I are always here for you.remember what you told me b4,way back highskul?/friends forever.i hope you can send me in my e-add sometimes….. GOD BLESS YOU ALWAYS

  5. What up MJ!!!! Remember me? Your long lost ex??? sorta? LOL Well I haven’t heard from you since you were here in Vegas at the Wynn and never got a call back. Just wanted to see how you were doing. Don’t be a stranger OK! Gio says hi too! Thanks for watching him again when I went home to see mom! TTYL Shane

  6. huy mj ano na balita sayo remember me yung last magasine mo u sent it to me hmm mustana na… tara boracay tayo ulit?

  7. Haha, wow your own site! Met this girl Mary Jane , and so thought of you. NOw theres 2 Mary Janes I know,haha. Oh My! Hmmm lets see if you reply? If you do years from now, hope the best for you in life!!


  8. musta naman? I´m Kenn Largavista your
    classmate from, i think kindergarten till 1st year highschool.
    remember who i am? perhaps not.
    nice to see u again.dugay nako wala nakabalik sa
    camiguin since i left to germany for about 10 years.

  9. Hi,

    Its Mackie. I do hope you remember me and I’m really glad you’ve made it and I wish your success in your choosen field.

  10. halu jane.. hmmppp.. kaila pa kha ka nako.. brkada dat2x… sexyha nimo ui.. just be good pra tuloy2x ang ka guapa. God Will Bless you more Jane.

  11. I really miss you, I hope you check this site & reply to my yahoo. I really want to talk to you if you would give me another chance… You are truly amazing & I was going through a very difficult time when we met & you still hung in there, that makes you a very special & wonderful person! I would like to repay you for our gratitude & at least be friends if nothing else. I hope you write me on my yahoo. All the best, your ninja. x0x

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