Maxim Philippines Issue 1 Scans: Angelica Panganiban

maximph ish 1

Full Name:
Angelica David Panganiban
Screen Name: Angelica Panganiban
Nickname: Angel
Birthdate: November 4, 1986
Zodiac: Scorpio
School: St. Vincent’s School
TV Show: G-Mik, Sa Puso Ko, Iingatan Ka
Hobbies: listening to music, playing Playstation and reading

Maxim Philippines Issue 1: Angelica Panganiban Pages:


It seems like there are quite a few people (myself included) who thought that the first issue of Maxim Philippines was WOW….until they opened the cover. Sadly, it seems like the cover promised too much while the content lets us down. BTW is it just me or does the layout/paper/photo quality inside the mag suck?

What do you think?

Author: Kiven
Kiven originally started this blog back in 2004 to document his forays into Half Life 2 and World of Warcraft. Over the years, it has grown to be one of the biggest blogs in the Philippines covering Games, Technology, Social Media and Kiven's new passion: Photography. He can also be found lurking over at Twitter/ Instagram/Pinterest as @Kiven .

225 thoughts on “Maxim Philippines Issue 1 Scans: Angelica Panganiban

  1. Ang corny naman. Yung cover lang ang worth looking at. She’s shown more sa Bench walk nya. Di na ako bibili ng Maxim ulit. Nabitin ako ng makita kong yun lang ang laman.

  2. wala akong mahanap na Maxim sa mga magazine stores… san ba kayo nakabili nyan?

  3. pag si angelica ang nagkumpisal sa simbahan,
    i bet you, instead of the priest saying…..
    body of christ… the priest would say…
    CHRIST WHAT A BODY !!. mama mia she looks so

  4. i can look at her picture all day at hindi ako magsasawa, kung ganyan lang kaganda at ka-sexy ang white lady na magpapakita sa akin, kahit araw-araw sya magpakita ok lang, SHE REALLY IS THE ONE!!!!!

  5. Cute parin si angelica, kahit na ang sexy na nya sobra, nde parin bastusin ang arrive nya sa picture.

    Ewan ko lang sa personal, malamang magiiba tingin ko sa kanya kung sexy ang suot nya…

  6. Haha, looks like sex still sells, judged by the number of comments this post has generated. ;-) I honestly wonder if well-endowed women have chronic back pains, or if it’s a foregone conclusion that they fall flat on their face if they trip.

    Anybody remember the first issue of FHM Philippines? Now that was a cover, with a sexy and classy Christina Garcia gracing it. :-D

  7. wow! she’s the one, and she’s very hot, but you’ll respect her personality!

  8. she’s cute and sexy…bagay talaga sila ni Carlo Aquino….all the best girl….

  9. Classy is the word to describe these pics. Galing!!!! Angelica is a great choice as the first covergirl for Phil ed. Kaya lang bitin talaga bumili pa naman ako kasi sabi ng gf ko sabi ni Angelica nipples na lang yung tinakpan sa kanya during the shoot. Syet!!! publicity lang pala. Sa Bench show di ganyan kaganda yung body nya bakit kaya???

  10. wow………………….gRbE…… todo na to…………whatta face and a body hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  11. Oo nga! There wasn’t enough of anything, medyo ok lang yung 10 Laziest PBA players,but only 4 pics of Angelica!!?? Harang!!

  12. if made to choose between her and contemporary camille pratts–she wins handsdown, parang peach vs. kamias ang laban! be careful though with the nega publicities you get girl, the santa-santita tag might just stick ;-)

  13. i had this crush on her since she was small…i didnt realize that she would grow to be a very gorgeous woman. i really hope she is dosent change…gud luck in your career miss angelica your rock!!!

  14. haha na scam tayong pareho… nabitin ako sa pics ni angelica d2! X_X and i thought this mag was worth buying… I guess the saying dont jugde a book by its cover really works…

  15. kakabitin! actually dissapointing! kasi walang kwenta yung laman ng magazine. posing ni angel hindi “hot” enough para magkaroon ng kontrobersyal or hindi “hot” enough para malibugan kayo! mga manyak! lol joke lang po

  16. I’m gonna write about something like this in my blog. I’ll see if it generates any traffic. haha

  17. hep, hep…horaaaay!! i feel like breakdancing!! making angelica your cover girl is the best example of mans taste for beauty!! i been picking up maxim mags every now and then but now i can go to sleep with a smile knowing we have maxim local!! truly it is chrismas in july!! thanks alot!!

  18. don’t be so hard on the mag, guys. C’mon, it’s their first issue. Nung una kung binuksan yung mag, nakita ko agad na may promise. Im sure that the next issue will be bigger and better.. it’s gonna be worth your 40 bucks.

    Admin Comment:
    To each his /her own i guess……

  19. holyshit dude man thats what im talking about i knew shes got potential even back in the gmik days you know and now that she has unleashed the beast or the puppies hehehehehe we can truly appreciate the beauty that is angel panganiban she totally kick the crap out of camille pratts ass on her fhm pose man that was creepy coz she looks like shes 13 yrs old while angel has an angelic face but a pornstar body what an oxymoron hehehehehe

  20. yeah, actually the magazine did not live up to expectations. with the cover bringing lots of promise…….sucks big time!

  21. wow! i havent bought the magazine yet. but i saw in the article that she is very open when it comes to her breast. does anybody know her vital stats? her real vital stats. her hips, waist and breast size and cup. i think there is nothing wrong with that right?????

  22. is dat all?
    i mean, nag ipon pa ako para mabili ang maxim philippines then, yun lang? mas marami pa AD eh.
    but the fact is, angelica is i think, the goddess of beauty….

  23. thank you po sa comment. love you all.

    sa mga wala pang copies, buy na po kau.

    angelica panganiban

  24. ganda tlaga ni na angelic face pa rin………..go angel………..we love you….

    nag post ka pla d2……..

  25. What a body to admire!!!!! I am now more inspired to do my daily exercise… TO GET THAT GREAT BODY TOO….

    Good Luck to MAXIM!!!

  26. Yes the cover did promise too much. But somehow, I only buy magazines for the covers. So it worked out well for me. Grabe! Sana mag sexy roles na siya as in Aya Medel-esque roles. Ang lalaki ng mga boom booms mo Angel!

  27. ang pangit, may takip pa, nagbawas krin lng naman ng damit, lubosin mo na……..please…..malaki kasi ang taas hindi naman namin alam ang baba…hehehe..

  28. grabe,maloloko ako sa kakaisip kay angelica what a boobs!!i cant get her out my mind,,love you ANGELICA….

  29. ganun poh ba talaga kalaki? wala nman po bastusan… salamat po sa mga nagpost ng good comments meron poh ako bagong magazine, out in the market soon…

    angelica panganiban

  30. that photo shoot doesnt even came close to what i have done. i dont tell promises i cant keep.that pics was not the things she promised in her presscon.just for publicity she will lie.i pity u girl!

    camille pratts

  31. oh camille stop being so insecure! :) youll soon have your projects too okay?

    salamat ulit sa mga nagpost

    angelica panganiban

  32. angel???

    nahh….. dont think so…



    kung alam nyo lang ang past nya. 4 sure opoct ng pics nya sa mag…. nakakadiri… lagi xa nkatambay b4 sa proj7.. basta… akin nlang mga hidden secrets nya…

    pero nice ung magazine itself minus angelika.

    kip it up!

  33. hey, girls, camille and angelica, wag kau mg away/
    i love both of you, nkita n kta s libis (camille) , dun sa my school dun, ang cute mo. as for you angel, you’re so gooooooooooooooorgeous!!!!
    Hey, Angel. khit ano svihin nila , I wud still luv u.

  34. wow!!! grabe!! ang laki ng boobs ni angelica!!! kng sakali, anu kaya ipapangalan nya sa sobrang laking twins nya?

  35. ang sexy talaga ni angel…. walang edit… di tulad kay camille sa FHM… kinunan ng taba!!!! hhahaha!!!!
    go angel… ur the true sexy girl… talo talaga c camille sa lahat…


  37. WOW!!! lupit ng katawan mo angelica!! ano size ng boobs mo?? and ano rin po ang size ng bra mo? ang laki kasi talaga ng boobs mo e…so mouthwatering!!!!

  38. angelica panganiban is one of among the most beautiful creature that ever lived i liked her body it makes the magazine be sold out in the newstand because of her alluring body.

    mabuhay ka angel san kahit sa panaginip makatalik kita

  39. nung bata’t chubby pa siya,pinagdidiskitahan siya,ngayon pinagnanasahan na…who would’ve thought that she’d bare some skin?truth be told,she looks a whole lot better than camille…

  40. nice tlg c angelica khit n my pgka nude ung picture sexy tlg sya at sobra lalo syang gumanda… syng lng wla n cla ni carlo… keep up!!!

  41. damn…..she’s really gorgeous!!!!
    the cover page was hot….and elegant…but,i was disappointed wen i saw the core… was less appealing…..but angel did good….it was worth collecting!!!
    hmmmmm……sarap mu pala…hehehe

  42. mAs pRettY c cAmiLLe… pRo mAsd sExy c aNgEL… pRo mAs mAgAndA pRn pHotO sHoOt ni cAmiLLe… sExy nA wHoLesOmE… C aNgEL kC pAngpOrN aNg dAtiNg e…=p

  43. I run out of copy of Maxim’s maiden issue with Angelica Panganiban as cover girl of July 2006 issue.
    I wish I could have one copy to complete my file of Maxim to date! Is it possible that you send me thru the mail and how much?
    Thank you very much.

    Admin Note: Contact the publishers. This site is neither affliated nor endorsed by Maxim PH.

  44. Grabe eto na hinihintay Ko.Kasi gustong gusto kong tumumbling pero d ko makaya.Akala ko mapapatumbling aku ni Camile Kulang pala.Pero nung nakita ko si Angel sa mag naya grabe bigla batak skin lkas ng pwersa bigla aku tumumbling.Sa palagay ko pati mga Tala luluhod sa harap nya at ang Mundo ay magugunaw pag nakita ang katawan nya.
    ang sexy mo pla.Nung bata ka pa may crush na aku sa iyo nung nasa Tv ka ngayun ang ganda muna lalo sabra tlaga sana makita kita sa personal.Isa ka tlagang Anghael na bumaba sa langit para iligtas kami. {GANDA MU TLAGA}

    Ur newest and will be ur bigest fan R.j.

  45. Nice picture Angelica… Very Sexy and clean… Sa mga lalaking naghahanap ng makikita ay di pumunta kayo sa mga website na pinapakita…

    Angelica good luck and keep it clean always… it will higher in life.


  46. hi!!!!!!!!!!!! angel ang ganda u tlaga compare kay camille,, sobrang sexy u talaga i like ur body,,
    Sana magkaron k ng sexy movie kasama c carlo pra makita ko rin ktawan nya!!! joke!!! bahay talaga kyo,,,\
    good luck sa mga movie u,,,,,


  47. oh my God!!! what happened to my sweet little becky from princess sarah? anyway, people change. hehehe

  48. hi!! 2 every 1!just wanna say.. na noon bata pa ako gusto ko talaga si angelica hindi talaga ako magsasawa mag idolize sa kanya. kasi bait pa xa at maganda pa luv ko talaga si angel 4-ever. masaya ako pag siya ang ipinapakita sa tv. keep up the good work angel.. we know malayo pa ang mararating mo!!! godbless you!! mwaaah… 8’z me ur 4-ever fan..

  49. angelica….. is so hot….
    beautiful en sexy…
    love ur pussy…
    wish i can taste dat…
    u’r really hot…

  50. hi angel,u know wat ur so sexy bagay kau ni derek ramsey, sna sgutin mo na sya at npanood ko ung nterview mo sa the buzz. basta khit my madaming naninira sau,alam ko na mabait kang tao at naniniwla ako sau. kip up the good work idol at il always pray 4 ur career.

  51. mas maganda sna kung nag nude sya pero ok n rin… grabe tlaga…. and sarap sarap nya…hope nxt tym p modelin nyo sya ulit pero nk hubad n siguradong ubos lahat ng magazine nyo..

  52. mGa KuMaG kAyO BuLaG yAtA KaYo E!!!!! gIrL yan!!! gIrL!!! bWaHaHaHa hHhMmM… aNo pA Ba sAsAbIhIn Ko… sA TiNgIn kO Un lAnG GyAhAhAhA… gUd DaYz tO You MiSs bEaUtIfUL PaNgAnIbAn :) … =mikiyaro rules= …

  53. buti, wala n kyo ni carlo.. e tanga un eh, pingpalit k s pandak! wag k mg-alala, mrming wortth dyan.. kumukuha lng ng bwelo, alam mo nmn s ganda mong yan tlgang khit cno mpplunok.. basta idol kita.. kun my mggwa lng ako pra syo, ggwin ko.. yngat palge..

  54. i saw ur picture and i just cannot keep my body from over-heating…owhhhh….

  55. Hoy kyo ang Corny sasabihin nyo corny yng Maxim mag eh gago pla kyo bkit p kyo bumili kng mabibitin lng kyo at kng pic lng ni Angelica yng habol nyo sori d sya maghuhubad pra sa inyo mga ungoy c Angel kagalanggalang na gurl yun kya magbasa nlng kyo ng playboy pra d kyo mabibitin ok if I know bitin tlaga yang sa inyo kya kyo nabibitin dba hahahaha PEaCE!

  56. To everybody please respect my idol.She is the Angel from above who keeps me alive.Don’t say bad word against her coz I don’t wanna hear it.She is the girl I’ve been waiting for.

  57. even though may kumalakat na picture nya during pictorial, she still a beautiful and definitely may BODY, syempre enhance nalang yan pero mas ok naman boobs nya compare sa iba na retoke na enhance pa.. anyway im just realistic, galing ng photoshop talaga…!!!!!!

  58. that’s a really nice set of pictures of angel. but the thing is, that’s just the result of the magic of photoshop. tsktsk. kala ko pa naman totoong sexy na sha. di pala. it’s not just enhancing, it’s major retoke. damn! i’ve seen the pics. u have to see it too to believe. pero ok lang, she’s still cute. :)

  59. these pictures justifies the thought that people had in mind, her calendar pics were really editted, mashado nga lang magaling yung gumawa nun coz she looks so perfect, unlike sa pics on MAXIMs medyo sablay pa.

  60. its better to prove on TV Angelica’s P. body, show the skin on TV nang malaman ang katotohanan o kaya pa press-con sya at doon ipakita ang body on a two pcs attr. para malaman ang katotothanan . totoo bah talaga yng picture na kumakalat ,True lies nga bha talaga para komita lng.

  61. idol ko yan c angel…shock lang me kasi dati cte now wow….yan lang ang words ko sa kanya as in WOW!

  62. hmmmm….nice art. Galing din ng nagagawa ng Photoshop ano .hehe anyways ok naman dating nya pwede na rin sa lineup!

  63. She’s very pretty. . Kaso, ang pangit ng maxim. . Useless. .Youre going to waste your money.. No interesting stories on it. .Dahil kay Angel lang kaya ko bumili. .

  64. ang ganda mo talaga angel at super sexy pa.di ko maisip kung bakit ka pinakawalan ni carlo aquino ang tanga nya.kung ako ang bf mo aalagaan kita and i’m sure na liligaya ka sa piling ko.

  65. boys dnt be soooo cruel to her! it’s her first so giv her a chance! PLUS!!!! i like it!!! her pics are clean…its not appropriate for her to take real porn shots!!!!!! so angelica ignore the bad comments…its a gd start remember to always keep it clean sweetie! My mates here in U.K. loves u very much they think ur reali hot nd very cuteee nd sexy soooo ignore the dudes tht are tryin to put u down! ur pics are gd! my friend here wants to marry u lol!!!!!!! ur gorgeous nd very beautiful….ur body is reali hot!!

  66. nd for the guys who said ur ugly nd fat…..well i jus want to say……u guys are idiots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i bet u guys are blind!!!!! u guys dnt even kno tht ur datin some gorillas! little f*** face s***s!!!!

  67. basta ok lang kahit ano pa yan sya pa kung pagbibigyan nga lng ko ibibigay kong lahat ng sarap sa kanya

  68. hainaku angel,,wag mo na kame lokohin noh we know na hindi naman yan ang real body moh,,,shocksss!!sa pelikula nga eh nakikita namen ang bilbil mo tapos how it become na halos butot balat na ang tyan mo..en sobrang ganda naman ata ng dibdib mo..if i know computer lang yan..ayaw mo pa aminin na hindi ikaw yan kae maganda ang kinapekean diba???

    jan ka na nga…

  69. ang ganda mo hahaha nkakabaliw k!!!!
    well s mga taong insecure dyn, ingit k lng dhil sexy n, angelic face pa cya hahahah

    you are HOT!!! and totally dominates the men’s world

  70. is this appropriate? i mean she was a childstar now a child porn.. phillipines should be represented with respect and we are all used to seeing viva hot girls.. so its ovious they should be on the cover well because angelica is not the right type unless she is a slut too.

  71. Gud evening hi Angelica u know what im realy2 Like u im 1 of ur many fans im from New jersey U.S but im also a Fillipino everytym i saw u in a t.v my heartbaet is so very fast. i hope dat sumday im wanted see u der plzzz…? can u forgive me 2 meet you der.?

  72. ur so pretty tlaga, if only a man can set his dream before going to sleep. I will definitely wont wake up

  73. kapal ng mukha nito!sayang favorite pa nmn kita,kaya lng bat kau nghiwalay ni carlo eh bagay nmn kau!?

  74. i know her personaly. she’s not all that you think! she is hot. but its ashame how she grew up without a father to tell her that its wrong and she did it anyway.. IMAGINE your father looking at your pictures…and didnt know that you are his daughter.. well she used to be my childhood friend and still is but she has changed. she is too young to be posing like that.. it is her life what can i say right? ITS all fake!! she is a slut!! a true slut!!! be a prostitute!!

  75. Di sa yo bagay kasi simple ka lang ka lang idolo pa naman kita nag ganyan ka. Bagay lang yan sa totoong sexy kahit di bawasan sa computer sexy parin.

  76. crush n crush ko yung body ni angel”””””””””uhmmmmmmmmmmm sarap nyan “””””from

  77. if she made it to FHM, damn i will get ten copies of the issue,sayang ganda pa naman ng cover pero ung content walng panama sa FHM, d nman sa they’re exploiting the model pero alam mo na sexy pero d bastos, arousing lang, he he he..

  78. heLlo!…..

    your so pretty angelica!… and of course your so sexy!…… hope you have more movies to have and pics. to have!…. to show your sexy bodies! hehheheeh…. joke!…. keep up the good work angelica!….. GOD BLESS!

  79. hi,angel ang ganda mo talaga…ur my idol since i was kids lge ko nppnood shows mo s tv like gmik,hndi ko akalain n mg sexy k na….but k lng hapi nman ako s takbo ng career mo eh!…gudluck n lng sna mgkabalikan kyo ni carlo kc idol ko kyong dlawa….muaaahhhh..idol tlga kita..hndi p kita nkita in prsonal but i hope n mkita kita pgdating ko s mnila…

  80. your last name is not panganiban because my last name is panganbian and you do not look phillipean to me you stupid bitch!!!hahaha

  81. the firstime i saw the pictures they really made me grave for some more!!! i must say that she’s really a classy baby face but hot looking gal!!!

  82. well mas ok pa ata ang mga pose ni camille that to you,,,,,,,,,,,,,i tink trying hard k lng…..wala namang ganong art sa mga pose mo eh!!!!!!!!!!!!!! well eventhough i congratulate you coz you do it angel!!!!!!!!!!!!

  83. naku ok na talaga ang katawan ni angel ngayon pinakita yung live stream habang kinukunan siya for fhm really hot na talga at so slim

  84. hindi nman ganyan kasexy sa personal c angelica. parang ambigat ng katawan. at walang puwet

  85. ganda mo tlaga..kya idol kta for life..nkkagigil daw beauty mo svi ng bestfriend ko..hehe..may pagnanasa..jokeSSS

  86. sexy ka sa mga pics mo pero hindi pa kita nkikita in person kaya hindi ako sure kung katawan mo nga talaga ung nasa maxim, well hindi mo maaalis sa tao ang ma-confused kc chubby ka sa mga previous shows mo like G-MIK, dun talaga chubby ka,pero despite of that issues, alam naman nilang cute ka kaya wala clang magagawa. smile :)

  87. hi angel wow im shock nakita kita sa website mo hindi ko akalain ang sexy muna will your so cute bida ka dito sa japan even my friends japanese man he said your such a beautiful girl. keep up the good work.god bless

  88. alam mo angelica face ng real mom mo ang mukha mo she is in singapore sana nman alamin mo ang tunay na pinanggalingan mo para nman mabuo na ang pgka tao mo dahil yun na lang ang kulang sau dahil nsa u na lahat.

  89. hi….,, ur so pretty ur face s like an angel, olwalys take care nd continue wat ur started nd olwayz pray togod

  90. hi!! your so amazing
    i always want to see your pictures
    coz your very sexy and beautiful angel

  91. your so very pretty……………….. and so kind talaga……………. kahanga-hanga ka talaga………….. lalo na sa rounin nakakabilib…………..

  92. sna mkuha ko no. mo crush talaga kita noon pa!!gud luck sa career mo, god bless

  93. ang ganda mo talaga….. matagal na ktng mahal. sa wakas na kita ko na rin ang babaeng ipapakilala ko sa inay. . . . pakasal na tayo now na!!! !!!!! miss na kita.

  94. sexy!!!
    you make my eyes see you hot..
    you make my tongue taste you..
    you make my body move..
    keep your fit

  95. hi!!angell….
    your such a quite person but a gorgeous one…keep up the gud work dear!!!
    yung mga naninira jan….
    plz.. respect angel..okay!!!

  96. i know you are so beautiful lalo na ang face mo, but i saw the retoka nung sa FHM mo!! sabagay , it’s normal naman yun, for the beautification ng pictorial ryt, including the piczzzz!!! i’m so proud ksi kahit maldita ka, magaling ka umarte ha.. gtg. t.c angel^.^

  97. mataba naman sya sa TV eh.ska parating naka-empire waist na damit para di mahalata na wlang pwet at wlang bewang.PHOTOSHOP naman ito.

  98. THis bitch is so photoshopped. in her stupid TFC show, she has a body of a freakin 15 year-old. Chubby pubescent girl. Not a Hot Maxim Model. She has a pretty face but does not excude sexiness, she tries to god damn hard. Shes a little girl trying to be play in a womans world, but unfortuantely her body just ain’t giving her that privilege. Standards in Filipino Film industry is soo much different from the American film industry. some of those filipino girls, need to dont some excercises, not enough just to be skinny or photoshopped, but some LEAN muscle and CURVES would look better. ala Jessica Biel, Jessica Alba,

  99. woooooooooow,graaaabe!lupet mo angelica,ito ang SEXY,hhaaaaayyy..para sakin number 1 ka sa sexiest women in the world..

  100. hhmmm,nabasa ko mga naninira sayo,cge lang,hayaan mo lang yan,naiingit lang sila sayo,sikat ka kasi,good luck lang sayo,andito lang kami mga fans mo..

  101. angel has alws been my fave…she’s got 1 of d the prettiest nd loveliest face…she nd derek look good 2geder…they both rocks my world!!!hope dey end up 2geder 4ever!!! wew!!!

  102. hi how are you now iam RODIREX just call rex alam mo nakita nakita sa ABS-CBN YUN sa angTV na well sa ngayon ako nandito sa spian madrid ihope you can come here in madrid mula ng bata kapa kilala nakita

  103. ang ganda moh..idol na kita eversince..sana magkaroon ka nang movie with carlo..kasi bgay kayo..sayang

  104. Here are some FACTS to look out for.

    What a beautiful face – Angelica has turned to be one of the hottest young celebrity. No one imagined that after the down fall of her career after g-mik days that she’d come rising from the dead by showing a bit of flesh in her come back movie -santa santita.

    As I can remember, she reminded me of a FAT, TYPICAL actress a few years back. And how can I forget her edited body figure from anothe men’s magazine?? That was extremely disappointing. How can you actually make the readers believe it was really your body, when you wore an over-all dress in a bikini ramp c/o FHM that same year? and how the hell can you explain all the photos from nehind the scene?

    Its good you really lost some weight – but DAMN GIRL, you may be able to make some FOOL believe.. But dont let you foolishness fool the shit outta yah..

    Now for real, angelica, you suck!

  105. i pray for the suceess of your career, and wishing for your best actress award, and grand slum dapat ha!
    my dad is really a fan of yours..hopefully you could have pictures together
    its dream come true for him


  106. im jason cosingco from borabod leyte2x in visayas can i sex with you angelica/.ang arap mo talaaga

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