Final Fantasy Brigade

Final Fantasy Brigade is the new social network game based on the legendary RPG series by Square Enix. Gameplay specifics haven’t been announced yet, but we can make some guesses […]

Rift Beta Guide

Trion Worlds, a global developer and publisher of premium online games, announced today that the first closed beta event for the MMORPG RIFT is scheduled to take place December 3-6, […]

Dragonball Online Trailer 2

Check out the second trailer for the Dragonball Online MMORPG by Netmarble. The Dragonball MMO is looking very very nice but still a bit sparse in information. Hopefully, the devs […]

Another Day MMOFPS

Another Day is a sci-fi action MMOFPS made by Korea-based KTH. Another Day launched its OBT or open beta test phase on June 25 in Korea. As a strategic MMOFPS, […]

Playboy Manager MMO

In Playboy Manager, you play a crack talent agent managing the career of some of Playboy’s hottest up-and-coming models. Competing against thousands of other players, you will guide your model’s […]

Dragonball Online Screenshots

Check out some amazing art and screenshots from the upcoming Dragonball online game MMORPG. I’m hoping this comes to the Philippines. More Dragonball online images after the jump.