Arche Age

Arche Age codenamed Project X2, using CryEngine2, now is under the development of XL Games. Everyone who enter Arche Age, will start their journey to solve the relationship between 12 […]

Kabod Online

Kabod Online, a Korean MMORPG classified for 18+ players, features gambling, violence and other naughty elements. That isnt a surprise, there are other MMORPGs that cater to the older crowd […]

Have Online

H.A.V.E. Online otherwise known as Have Online is a team based multiplayer online FPS shooter game being developed by Korean game company SK iMedia. It reminds me of both Valve’s […]

iL: Soul Bringer

iL Soul Bringer is a MMORPG developed by Korean studio nFlavor. The game’s draws looks to be like the collection, trading and caring of ingame pets called Piohs, cooperative puzzle […]